You’re not a fake: 3 ways to get over the impostor syndrome

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How do you get over the impostor syndrome? First, say this and accept it as being true: I am good enough.

Got it? Great.
Being in business in today’s society can be amazing yet intimidating. Too many of us end up living our lives through others and setting unrealistic goals based on the things we see on social media. Remember, these views are often edited so the lifestyle you may be attempting to live up to may not even exist for the person posting about it.
So how do you get over impostor syndrome?
1) Use daily affirmations that reinforce your current greatness, write and call abundance to your life.

Make it a habit to write down what you are seeking. It can be easy to think that just because something is in your mind that you will remember it. Nope, it doesn’t work that way. There is something about seeing your own goals in your writing that connects you to what is written. Having a physical representation of all the things you want to achieve will keep you on task. As your mindset shifts, it will give you benchmarks of how you’ve grown over time.

2) Recognize the greatness already within you.

I am a self-taught, six-figure earner. I could easily become intimidated by those who hold all of the things you’re “supposed to have” to be successful. Being honest, for a while I didn’t recognize that I was great just as I was and it was because I didn’t do things in the conventional way that helped me to succeed. I’m built differently. My mind works differently. My drive is comparable to none. All of those things are uniquely me. You have your own remarkable attributes that you must recognize. Someone needs you just as you are.

3) Focus on the value you offer.

How about we step out of our own way? The skills, knowledge and insight that you are doubting right now is needed by someone somewhere. This is one of those times you just have to step out and let things take their natural course. The more people you help the more you will be able to see how valuable you are.

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