Man gets light sentence after forcing woman to have oral sex with dog

George Pazos (Photo Credit: Hamilton County Jail)
George Pazos (Photo Credit: Hamilton County Jail)

A sick and twisted serial rapist got a light sentence this week for a crime he committed at the beginning of 2016. George Pazos, 49, was arrested after he paid a woman to have sex but the encounter soon turned violent. He tied up and raped the victim and forced her to perform oral sex on his dog. This was not the first time Pazos was charged with rape. According to records, he’d been charged with rape at least three times before. He was acquitted twice, and a grand jury failed to indict him in another case.

The victim in the case changed her story at least once during the trial and testimony. Because of this, Pazos was able to get a plea deal and the rape charge was dropped. He pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault. He was initially facing up to 22 years in prison for his crime but a judge this week gave the Clifton Heights, Ohio man only 2 years. In addition, he does not have to register as a sex offender despite his crimes.  During his sentencing Pazos expressed conc

During his sentencing, Pazos expressed concern — not for his victim — for his pet bird and the dog the woman was forced to perform oral sex on. He asked the judge for leniency and a favor since he had no one to care for his animals while in prison. He stated, “There’s not much I love in this world… No one wants to lose their child. Please let me bring them to a pet place. And I’ll come right back.” The judge denied his request.

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