International artist Claude ‘DJ Wildlife’ Thomas shares how Jesus inspires him


When did you know you could be a creative and a business executive?
When I stepped out on faith and knew that if I wanted to make my dream reality. I was always told what I can’t do.

Describe three highlights of your journey.
1. Meeting people in the U.S and in Argentina.
2. Being blessed [by] the opportunities I have.
3. Watching children look and ask me questions about my work.

What inspires you?
Jesus and underdogs.

What motivates you to come up with big ideas?
When I think about what I’ve done last and do the next thing better.

Name three people in your industry that you consider great.
Miles Davis
Duane Peters
Artist Robert Williams

How do you communicate your creative vision with people who hire you?
I listen to [their] idea and see [their] vision and try to come up with ideas of my own or if they are really into [their] idea I follow they vision all the way because they know what they want.

How do you push your creative limits?
I come at a different angle not what if I use.

What are your two favorite films and what do you like about them?
Pulp Fiction – I liked the characters but I could relate to Jules Winfield he was a guy that was trying to do better and help others.
The Aviator – I liked how Howard Hughes showed the nonbelievers that he could do what he set out to do

What recognition or award would you like to receive?
Awards are cool but I find the best award is doing what I like to do for a living. I’d like to be recognized as a guy that will work with anyone while making others happy and get more work.

Name two books that you would recommend to others. Why those books?
CASH, the autobiography of Johnny Cash. I grew up on Johnny Cash music My grandfather used to listen to him & found out despite his mistakes I could relate to him as he tried to be a better man.

Comics. Apologies. I have a big imagination anything with Wolverine, The Ghost Rider, The Punisher and The Joker in it.

Three favorite songs from your three favorite musicians?
“Autumn Leaves,” Miles Davis
“I Don’t Care,” The Ramones
“Clifton,” Kool Keith

If you could collaborate with two creatives in any field, who would it be and why?
I’d like to produce a film with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez I think they movies break the total norm of films.
Artist Robert Williams, I’d like to do a collaboration painting with him or a art show with him his work is so excellent to me.

Finish the sentences:
Creativity begins … When you know you can do it when others tell you you can’t

The response to my craft is ... It came to mind so I did it
My legacy will be … He was a nice guy that was honest even though his honesty might be shocking to others.

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