Creepy clown gets a beatdown for scaring car occupants

Clown Beatdown (Photo Source: YouTube screenshot EBaums world)
Clown beatdown (Photo source: YouTube screenshot EBaum’s World)

With the reports of creepy clown sightings across the United States, one would think that people would not be participating in the tasteless hoax. Unfortunately, that is not the case and one clown got his a– whooped. A video has surfaced on the video-sharing site EBaum’s World that shows a person dressed as a clown standing on a dark road and waving at an approaching car. Instead of driving past the disturbing sight, occupants from the car jumped out and jumped on the clown.

Someone in the car was recording the encounter and the following is heard:

“What the f— is that, bro?” one of the men is heard saying as he spots the clown.

“Are you serious?” he adds, yelling to the clown, “get away!”

With that exchange, the clown is hit in the legs with a baseball bat and kicked and punched. While the beaten clown is lying on the ground, the attackers then take his balloons and speed away in the car.

The numerous clown sightings and scares have even caused the White House to comment about the national hysteria. “Obviously, this is a situation that local law enforcement authorities take quite seriously and they should carefully and thoroughly review, you know, perceived threats to the safety of the community and they should do so prudently,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest. Even the Department of Homeland Security has been on alert about the possible threat of someone committing a violent act against the public.

Threats of clowns trying to lure children into the woods with candy or chasing them in the streets have increased as Halloween approaches. Also increasing is the number of arrests that have been made for people making false statements to police about clowns. There have been reports of people dressed as clowns standing on dark streets or in front of graveyards holding balloons and waving at passing cars. There have been at least 18 arrests made by various police departments across the southeast as the creepy clown craze continues.

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