Benzino slams ‘uneducated fool’ Amber Rose; ‘Muva’ claps back

Though it’s no secret Amber Rose’s SlutWalk has ruffled some feathers, one celebrity, in particular, was bothered by it. Benzino recently used Instagram to tell us how he really feels about the video vixen-turned-talk show host.

“The whole SlutWalk thing started in Australia for rape,” Zino began. “This has nothing to do with rape. This is basically embracing that it’s okay for [women] to sleep with 1,000 men and [they] should be held to the same standard that men are. Y’all are bugging. And real talk, I got a daughter and she not falling for it. So I could give a f— about how any of y’all think about what I’m saying because that’s y’all and y’all’s daughters. But mines ain’t going for it.”

In a separate comment posted underneath an event photo, the former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star wrote, “[In] a time where these young girls need guidance, this is exactly what we don’t need. What the f— has happened to us as a society where we condone and support this BS.”

Oddly enough, Zino’s former flame, Althea, (also the mother of his young son), was present and accounted for during Rose’s annual event. In a brief video clip, shared by Thi Thi via Instagram, the reality star is flaunting her slim figure while twerking to Trina’s “Pull Over.” Though Rose clapped back in the best way possible, writing, “One day someone will call your daughter a slut, ho, whore, etc., for no other reason at all besides the fact that she is beautiful, confident, possibly if she wears something sexy or God forbid gets sexually assaulted. Please educate yourself on what the movement is before you speak so ignorantly.”

Zino came back around full force, alleging Rose is nothing more than an “uneducated” stripper.

“You got to where you’re at sucking the right d—s,” said Zino. “And I’m not a hater, if that’s how you came up mama, more power to you … but don’t reap the benefits and then cry about it when the public looks at you a certain way.” But, he didn’t stop there. The former magazine owner suggested Rose was “better off looking pretty and keeping her mouth shut,” before bringing her son, baby Bash and Wiz into the mix. “I actually feel sorry for Wiz and his son.”

To which Rose responded, by poking fun at the fact the rapper hasn’t dropped new music in a while. “SECOND SEASON of the Amber Rose Show! Maybe you can perform something from ur new Album,” she wrote via Instagram, also suggesting that the creator of “LHHATL,” Mona Scott-Young is her “right-hand b—-” and can make sure he gets a little check.

Now, in round two of 2016’s biggest beef yet, Zino has the last word, writing, “This is my last word, I don’t give 2 f—s who your right-hand b—- is, cause I been a boss before you making it drop, and as far as your weak a– show, just ask @vh1 about the ratings when I was on Lhh, your show can’t even come close, YOUR SHOW CAME IN #22 OUT OF 24 SHOWS ON @vh1 DIDN’T EVEN MAKE THE TOP 100 ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!!STOP LYING TO YOUR FANS MUVA.

“Matter [of] fact, my last season on Lhhatl was the highest rated season on there till this date! And trust me I’m missed, and I can’t wait to watch you make [an] a– out of yourself at Harvard (which my partner @therealdavemays has a degree at ) you remember him don’t you and “Rock the Party was hit record, I heard yours and we won’t talk about that horrible acting you did in your debut movie but this is it Muva no more time you and your Bs.”

What are your thoughts on Zino and Muva Rose’s ongoing beef? Sound off in the comment section below.

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