Was Soulja Boy fired from ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’?

Photo credit: Instagram – @souljaboy
Photo credit: Instagram – @souljaboy

After three seasons on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” series star Soulja Boy recently announced that he won’t be returning for season 4 of the show. However, reports are now claiming that Soulja Boy didn’t quit the show. Instead, reports are claiming that he was fired by producers.

This past week, Soulja Boy announced his departure via his Twitter page, claiming that he was leaving the show because it had become too ratchet.

“I’ve decided to quit Love and hip hop. I feel my brand is too big for the show now. It’s too ratchet. I have my own new TV show coming soon!” Soulja wrote.

However, according to The Jasmine Brand, sources say that Soulja Boy was fired because she threatened his ex-girlfriend, Nia Riley, and her new boyfriend, Skrill Dilly, in a social media video after he and his ex ended up in an online feud.

“Soulja Boy didn’t quit. He was fired after he threatened Nia (Riley) on social media, pulling out a gun,” the source claimed, adding, “That was the last straw. What he did was irresponsible, dangerous and producers considered that a threat. His behavior got him fired.”

The source adds that Vh1 was mortified when they saw Soulja Boy’s video threat.

“That’s not the brand that VH1 nor the franchise wants to have. They had to fire him. If anything had happened to Nia, they would have felt partially responsible for not intervening,” the source said.

Executive producer Mona Scott-Young hinted at Soulja Boy’s firing recently when she reposted another message from a fellow series producer that seemed to throw shade at Soulja Boy.


Well, Soulja Boy wasn’t too happy about Scott-Young’s post because he responded via a statement to The Jasmine Brand:

“[I] Left the show; it was too ratchet. Now Mona [Scott-Young] is saying I was fired, but I never received a notice that I was not part of the show anymore until after I said I quit on twitter. I have my own show coming soon with all my celeb friends that’s going to be huge. It was just too much drama and violence on that show. I have to protect my brand,” wrote Soulja Boy, who also shared a photo with the site of a congratulations letter that Scott-Young allegedly sent to him about being a part of the show’s upcoming 4th season.

Who do you believe in this drama? Let us know in the comments.

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