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Clark Atlanta University student kidnapped, raped over Atlanta Falcons tickets


Photo: via DeKalb County Jail

A student at Clark Atlanta University was kidnapped, abused, and raped because criminals wanted tickets to see the Atlanta Falcons. The incident began after Jaylan Martez Wallace, 23, met the victim at a parking lot at CAU in August.

According to reports by Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  the victim and Wallace exchanged contact info and met again at a residence in Lithonia, Georgia. But once the victim went to the residence in Lithonia, Wallace carjacked the victim and held her at gunpoint. He then forced the victim to have sex with Xavious Vaughn, 17, while holding her captive overnight.

Wallace held the victim hostage until he was able to receive two tickets to an Atlanta Falcons game. He took the victim to a library and was able to retrieve the tickets in exchange for her freedom. Police have yet to reveal if a third party gave Wallace the tickets.

Although the incident occurred in August, Wallace and Vaughn were just recently arrested. Both suspects were never enrolled at Clark Atlanta University.

The incident sheds light on the importance of always using public locations to meet new people. Wallace was able to control the situation and use it to his advantage once the victim decided to meet him at the residence in Lithonia.

Furthermore, Wallace and Vaughn will likely spend the next few decades of their life behind bars because they decided to rape and abuse a woman over Falcons tickets.

The victim currently isn’t enrolled at CAU anymore and will likely have to undergo some form of counseling.

Wallace and Vaughn face charges of rape, armed robbery, and kidnapping. Both are facing up to 25 years in prison for each charge.


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