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Maysa celebrates music milestone, delivers hope to triumph over Black pain


Maysa (Photo Courtesy)

The stunning and talented vocalist Maysa reached the milestone age of 50 in August and she celebrated a Silver Anniversary with Incognito. “Working with Bluey and Incognito for the last 25 years has been incredible,” says Maysa. “Bluey has taken me around the world several times and has allowed me to sing very special songs. Our magic is from Heaven and feels like it was destined.” Maysa is featured on four tracks on In Search Of Better Days: “All I Ever Wanted”  and Everyday Grind,” which Bluey cites as among one of his favorites on the album. “‘Everyday Grind’ is the freshest thing I’ve done in years,” confesses Bluey. “Sonically, it’s the sound of the London I know in combination with my favorite voice on the planet – Maysa. It’s about a break-up in a relationship that both Maysa and I could identify with and thus tell the tale convincingly because we both lived it.”

Incognito’s anticipated seventeenth studio album is steeped in deep, rich history, bridging the classic sounds of the past and the tonal and sonic languages of the present and future. The songs on In Search Of Better Days are songs of love and awareness that question and challenge and that deliver optimism, joy, and hope. Incognito plans to tour the US in the Fall but until then you have the soundtrack to put you on the road to better days.

Here, Maysa talks about how much she loves the album and offers advice on maintaining staying power in the music industry.
What three songs on this album moved you the most when you were making it?

I love all of my songs. My 3 favorite songs from In Search of Better Days are:

1- Everyday Grind

2- Selfishly

3-Move It Up ( w/Vanessa Haynes on vocals)

What is your testimony as it relates to faith in being a professional artist and your journey?

God is my rock. I turn to him at all times.

How have you seen the music in your genre change over the last five years?

I don’t know if music has changed so much, but the industry has changed dramatically. It’s now a self-made endeavor. You have to do a lot of the work record companies used to do – marketing, promotion, videos and branding, etc.

What are some of the steps you took to build your brand?

I first developed a logo. From there, I used that logo as much as possible – on my album covers, social media and merchandise. Then, I branched out and started a fragrance line.

But, my biggest branding tool is to be professional at all times. I have built a team around me of like-minded, considerate people. I start my shows on time and give 100%.

What tools does every artist need to be great?

Practice being you. Don’t try to be the next anybody.

Be professional.

Stay focused.

Hire a really good attorney. Surround yourself with positive people. Always be kind to people who support your music.