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Lil Jon responds to claims Donald Trump called him ‘Uncle Tom’

Lil Jon/Facebook

Lil Jon/Facebook

According to Lil Jon, presidential hopeful Donald Trump showed his a–, when he called him “Uncle Tom,” back in 2013. The comment, first reported by The Daily Beast, was made during the 13th season of Trump’s former NBC business competition series — “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.”

As for what prompted the comment, sources claim it all went down during a challenge where the “Turn Down For What” recording artist and his team were tasked to mount a marketing campaign for hair care products from Farouk Systems Products using a glass truck. During the function, the 45-year-old rapper reportedly donned a patriotic look, resembling an Uncle Sam uniform, prompting Trump to allegedly begin referring to the hip-hop veteran as “Uncle Tom” — even after being educated about the offensiveness of the term.

“We kept trying to explain to [Trump] that that’s not a word you can use, that it’s offensive,” an unnamed “Apprentice” employee told The Daily Beast. “One of the executive producers had to call him up directly to [plead with] him not to say it, and Trump was like, ‘No, that’s a saying, it’s Uncle Tom.’ There are several takes in the footage of the dailies that has him trying to figure out the difference between ‘Uncle Tom’ and Uncle Sam. He just couldn’t grasp that it was offensive … ”

Though the rapper and record producer didn’t initially respond to reports, he resurfaced this week to confirm the gossip. “When this ‘Uncle Tom’ incident happened on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in the boardroom several of my castmates and I addressed Mr. Trump immediately when we heard the comment,” Jon wrote in a Twitter post.

“I can’t say if he knew what he was actually saying or not, but he did stop using that term once we explained [its] offensiveness,” he added. Jon continued: “I also want to be clear that I don’t agree with many of the statements Mr. Trump has said during his current run for president.”

Meanwhile, Trump appeared to tweet a blanket denial of the sexual assault allegations against him from numerous women, writing on Saturday, Oct. 15, “100% fabricated and made-up charges, pushed strongly by the media and the Clinton Campaign, may poison the minds of the American Voter, FIX!”


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