Tommy Ford opened up about death in last interview

Photo credit: Tommy Ford @bigtommyford Facebook
Photo credit: Tommy Ford @bigtommyford Facebook

Famous “Martin” actor Tommy Ford died last week after suffering a ruptured aneurysm. Since then, fans and celebrities alike have been sharing their sadness online over the actor’s sudden death. But in a newly uncovered interview, Ford spoke about the prospect of his own death and claimed he was okay with leaving this world.

According to news reports, Ford conducted his final interview before his untimely death with Xcellence Community Magazine founder Dr. Angella Banks. In the interviews, Banks talked with Ford about being 51 years old and she explained to him that her perspective about that age was “It’s not that old, and you’re starting to live life.”

However, Ford explained to Banks that his perspective was different and that he had made peace with the fact that he was growing closer to death with each year.

“… More than half of my life is over. How many Black men you know, live to 102 years? Half of my life is over, and I’m OK with that,” said Ford. “It’s not about how much I got left, it’s about what I’ve accomplished while I was here.”

Ford continued, explaining that how he has lived his life was far more important to him that how long his life actually was.

“I reached some destinations, I’ve touched some lives and changed some lives. That’s what it’s about. Was I about my Father’s business? That’s what it’s about.”

“So legacy is very important to you?” asked Banks.

“Black hokey pokey,” Ford replied. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Well, clearly Ford left his mark on the world because millions have mourned his passing, including his famous “Martin” co-star, Martin Lawrence, who shared kind words about his late friend on Instagram last week.

“My brother … we were friends way b4 the Martin show & I’m glad we were able to show true friendship on-screen. You brought a lot of love to the world and you will be greatly missed. God Bless to you and the family. Rest In Peace my brother. #TommyFord #Brotherforlife,” Lawrence wrote.

Rest in peace, Tommy Ford.

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