3 tips to build followers on social media

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With so many businesses creating pages every day, building followers is a topic that is bound to come up every now and again. Simply put, you can’t build a successful business without a clientele. You can call them leads, potentials, magnets, etc. but to build profits, you must get your products in front of those interested in purchasing them.

What is a follower?

Followers are the same across most social media platforms. Twitter fans, Facebook likers, and Pinterest pinners, all are fans of your brand. Ideally, the more the merrier.

How do you attract the attention of those you want to become fans of your brand and eventually buy? Read on for my three tips:

Do not ever buy followers.

There are many pages on Instagram and online that offer you x,y,z followers for a fee. Not only is it a waste of time, but money that could be better spent on learning how to engage your followers or advertisements. Instagram cleans up spam accounts on a regular basis, which is what bought accounts are and you can’t buy the interest in your brand.


There are no shortcuts or get out of jail free passes. If you want followers that will show up for you on a regular basis, you must lead the way. This means no spam posting with a ton of products or unneeded information. Most importantly don’t disappear for blocks of time. Ideally, barring true emergency you should post on your page 2-3 times per day. For the best times to post,review Iconosquare.com. It’s an affordable metrics system and can give you stats regarding your page. You can also check out the new Instagram feature, Insights which is available on the Instagram business profiles.

Give them a reason to follow.

Review your page. Would you follow yourself? What value do you add to the timeline? Is your page only selling products or full of blurry pictures? Instagram is a very visual market so you must give them a reason to follow your page beyond what you want to sell to them. Consider adding great tips, nice photography, and related, shareable content.

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