Stevie J takes another loss in child support case

Photo Credit: Instagram - @hitmansteviej_1
Photo credit: Instagram – @hitmansteviej_1

For years now, it seems like Stevie J has been in and out of the court system as he’s dealt with everything from issues surrounding his sobriety to his legal dramas with his ex-girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez. But one case that’s lingered throughout that time is his court battle over an alleged $1 million in unpaid child support payments. Although news surrounding the case have been quiet for months, Stevie found himself back in the headlines this weekend as new reports revealed that he took another loss in court for allegedly declining to pay his babies’ mamas.

As previously reported, Stevie’s child support drama started back in the summer of 2014 when he was arrested for failing to pay a gargantuan debt of $1,107,412, spanning all the way back to 2001 when he originally stopped paying the $8,500 a month in child support that he was ordered to pay to his former girlfriend, the mother of two of his kids.

In January 2015, a grand jury decided to indict Stevie and his troubles worsened when he was forced to enter a drug rehab facility after testing positive for marijuana and cocaine.

Since then, Stevie has cleaned up his life and gotten sober. However, the court case has yet to go away and now it’s been reported that the judge in the case has decided to force a monitored curfew on Stevie J.

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star must now wear a GPS monitor that will alert the authorities to his whereabouts at all times. Stevie must also get approval for all his travels and he cannot leave the country for the duration of his time wearing the monitor.

At this point, we’re just wondering what it’s going to take for Stevie to be done with this case and stay out of the court systems. But what do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments.

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