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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom reach divorce settlement

Photo credit: Khloe (@kloekardashian) via Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram – @khloekardashian

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s 9-year marriage has been riddled with ups and downs and the world has watched every minute of it as they’ve gone back and forth between calling it quits one and trying to reconcile the next day. But now it’s been revealed that their tumultuous marriage is finally coming to a definitive end.

As previously reported, Kardashian originally filed for divorce from Odom in December 2013 amid rumors of infidelity and drug use on Odom’s end. Although Khloe initially didn’t move to finalize the divorce, she still ended up rebounding with men like rapper French Montana, NBA star James Harden last year and reportedly even her rap friend The Game.

Kardashian was originally on the verge of finalizing their divorce last year, but quickly put a halt to the divorce when Odom nearly died from a drug overdose and subsequent seizures last October.

At the time, Khloe pledged to remain by his side as he recovered and rumors quickly spread that the couple would fix their marriage while Odom healed his body.

However, when Odom fell off the sobriety wagon again, Kardashian re-filed for divorce back in May.

Now, news reports have revealed that Kardashian and Odom have entered the final stages of their divorce yet again and that they’ve now both signed off on their divorce papers. At this step, all that is left is for a judge to sign off on the divorce. However, in California, all couple must wait six months after they initially file for divorce for a judge to sign the papers, meaning that Kardashian and Odom won’t be officially divorced until December.

Although that leaves the couple a little under two months to reconcile, at this point we doubt Kardashian will change her mind again, especially since she’s now dating Tristan Thompson.

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  1. J Boogie on October 23, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    It’s unfortunate how the government gets to play in the cookie jar when comes to marriage and finance.. Men work hard for their money, to lose most of it in a divorce settlement, to a woman who will go and spend her life with another man.. And, once it’s time for a woman to pay in the divorce, the man gets call all types of names, that’s unbecoming to his manhood.. So, yes! There’s a double standard in divorce cases, and it needs to stop, because in most cases the children suffers the most.. I WISH THESE TWO PEOPLE THE BEST, BECAUSE BOTH OF THEM HAVE BEEN A WALKING EMBARRASSMENT!!!

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