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Top 25 Women of Atlanta: Jasmine Burke


Jasmine Burke, Award-winning Actor and Filmmaker

Jasmine Burke Productions Inc.
Jasmine Burke, The CEO of Jasmine Burke Productions Inc., is a multitalented film artist who won her first achievement in film at the 2010 Women in Film and Television Film Festival. She wrote, executive produced, directed, and starred in her award-winning short titled Lucky Lotto. Her ambitious nature took root in early childhood when Burke leveraged a quarter candy machine — given to her by her stepfather — into new outfits, pairs of shoes, and school supplies. Forgoing the free sweets and launching a profitable nail-shop candy dispensary business felt empowering. That same resourcefulness and creativity propel Burke today.

“The only answer is destiny. And I’ve been listening to my soul ever since then. My producing, directing and writing gifts are a gift from God, as well. I just felt there was more in me to be and contribute to the world, so I’m self-taught,” Burke said.

Burke has a strong belief in the innate power of women, and it is that belief that has allowed her to prevail in situations for which she had not been formally educated.

It was with that level of fortitude that she found her way into Reuben Cannon’s office and walked out with a booking of her first guest star role on Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns.” Burke now inspires a 20,000-plus social media following as well as young people she mentors through national organizations she grew up in, such as Girls Inc. and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

“The next generation motivates me,” she said. “I’m not perfect, but I try to be conscious of how the moves I make will affect them. I want to do my part to leave the space and people around me better.”

With an apparent Zen approach to life, Burke shared her favorite quote: “Maybe the obstacle is the path.”

Burke can be found on social media @TheJasmineBurke.