Sara Stokes talks season 2 of ‘From the Bottom Up,’ suing BET and new single

Sara Stokes
Sara Stokes stars in season two of ‘From the Bottom Up,’ which premieres on Saturday, Oct. 29, at 10 p.m. on BET Centric (Photo courtesy Sara Stokes)

Sara Stokes is one woman that knows how to make a comeback. If you remember, we originally met her as a cast member on Diddy’s MTV reality series, Making Da Band 2. She was a stand out on the show too. Even though Da Band didn’t stay around long, her name remained in the headlines. She’s been through some trials and tribulations in dealing with family matters, however, she’s bounced back from that too, ready to take on her next big thing. Well, last fall, Stokes reemerged on the reality TV circuit with the debut of BET’s Centric reality series “From the Bottom Up,” executive produced by Queen Latifah and Nicci Gilbert.

Rolling out learned that Stokes is back for season two of the intense series and we caught up with her to discuss what we can expect so see this season, which premieres Saturday, Oct. 29, at 10 p.m. on BET Centric. We know there was definitely some drama with Stokes and her family in season one, however, Stokes assured us that we’re in for a pleasant surprise with season two. She even dished on the real beef she allegedly had with suing BET. Read Stokes’ interview below to find out what else she dished on, including sharing details on her new single, “Fragile Heart.”

Welcome back into the spotlight. You did season one of ‘From the Bottom Up’, and we got to know all of the ladies, including you, and of course there was some drama. Now, it’s time for season two. Tell us what’s going on with season two.

Season two for me was more about being a stronger woman and being in a better place, and being transparent and honest with the issues that I had been dealing with my whole life that had never been resolved. So, this  right here is going to be all about me coming to a point of life where I’m ready to move on and not let anything hinder me, but also have some closure, because last season  you guys were left off with me saying that I wanted to work it out with my family. And I really wanted to be in a better place, and I knew that that right there, for me, would make me a better woman. So, that’s what you guys are going to see this season, and me with the no drama, because I think I had enough drama in my life, and I should be focusing in on my career and me being in a better place. No me on TMZ with no mug shots, or anything like that.

Speaking of the drama with your family, and you wanting to patch things back together, what’s going on with your marriage with Tony? Will he and the children be appearing on this season as well?

Definitely, they’re a big part of my life, so you guys are definitely going to see them on the show. And, I really can’t tell you everything because there’s going to be some big surprises and just know that there are going to be some tears involved, but these are going to be happy tears. We’re not going to get the sad tears no more. I’m excited. It airs on October 29, at 10pm on BET Centric. So, this right here, like I said, is going to be self-healing.

That’s awesome. Can you tell us how your relationship is with Queen Latifah and Nicci Gilbert, the show’s executive producers?

Oh, it’s great! Nicci Gilbert, I’ve worked with her from way back in the day. And she heard that I was going through, obviously everyone did, and Kenneth Robinson and Regina Daniels spoke my name to them, those are my PR reps. So, they spoke to her and was like, “you know Sara is going through it, so keep her in mind.” And at that time, Nicci Gilbert came up with the idea of ‘From the Bottom Up’, because everyone was going through a bottom at the time. So, she called me and I signed the contract because I was like ‘heck yeah, I want to get my story out there so that I can actually tell what it really is. Not just let everybody make their own story up.

Last season, there was some talk about you not returning. Was that a lot of hoopla, trying to drum up drama to get people to watch? Or was there some truth to that?

Well, there’s definitely some truth to it. The thing was, I wasn’t suing BET. I wanted to sit down and talk with them because there were certain advertisements that I was not happy with. Like, I’m not a man beater. And there was an article put out that I was a singer/man beater and that right there is not a title. Yes, I’m a singer. I’m a mother. I have family and all of that. But I’m definitely not a man beater. There were just some circumstances where I just got caught up and it just looked that way. So, I just wanted to talk with them about it and just be like ‘look, if you’re supposed to represent me, and this is supposed to be my story, then let me tell my true story. Don’t tell it for me.’

Anyone can understand that. Let’s talk about some other projects that you have going on. What else do you have coming down the pipeline? Any new music on the horizon?

I have a single coming out named Fragile Heart. My single is just everything summed up, all the stuff that I’ve been through in life, and the way that I really feel. Because I’m a very loving person, I see the good in everybody. I’ve been let down a lot, and I think that’s another thing that I had been dealing with because I’m so trusting. And then when someone that I look up to, or they’re supposed to protect me, and [then] when they let me down, it’s like they’re kicking me in the gut. So, this song here is really telling what my spirit feels like and it was written by Eric Campbell, and  produced by James Worthy. So, what I did with Eric Campbell is I told him my whole life story and he just summed it up in one song. I don’t know how he did it. But it just came out so beautiful, and it is on iTunes, so everyone needs to go check that out. It’s lovely. I also have a single out with another original Da Band member, Babs. It’s called Sneak Peek. She got on the song and killed it. That’s on iTunes as well. That’s one of those club joints, women’s anthem and she was all for jumping on it.

We can’t wait to hear it. Do you have other projects that you’re currently working on?

Well, I do have a beauty book that I’m releasing because a lot of people are like ‘Oh my God, your skin! You still look like you haven’t aged… like what are you doing with all the stress that you’ve been through?’ So, my beauty book is simple, inexpensive, and tells of tricks and treatments that you can do to your skin that doesn’t cost a billion dollars and it really does work. Because I’m all about saving some money. And I’m all about helping people out there that don’t have the money to buy all these expensive treatments. So, I was like ‘let me go ahead and write me a book about my beauty skin secrets and put it out there for everybody.

What type of ingredients do you suggest in the book?

Well, they’re definitely all organic and you can find them in the kitchen . I went to school for esthetics, so I do have my license. And you know, I’ve been trying out all type of stuff over the years. I’ve been working with the best make-up artists and the best skin specialists, and they were telling me little secrets, and I was like ‘heck yeah, I’m about to put this all in here for everybody that can’t pay for all these expensive treatments. ‘

I’m sure our readers would love that. When is it coming out?

That should be coming out in the middle of the season [of season 2 of the show], so I would say another month.

Photo Gallery Courtesy Sara Stokes

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