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Police officer’s wife fakes home robbery and blames Black Lives Matter


via Maria Daly Facebook

Maria Daly called 911 in distress after allegedly being a victim of a home invasion. Daly, the wife of a police officer, also said her family was a victim of a hate crime by Black Lives Matter.

According to CBS Boston, Daly reported the home invasion on Oct. 17 at her home in Millbury, Mass. She reported that $10,000 worth of jewelry and money were stolen. Daly also reported that the thieves painted “BLM” on the house in reference to Black Lives Matter. Once she filed the police report, Daly went on social media to share her alleged story. She wrote, “We woke up to not only our house being robbed while we were sleeping, but to see this hatred for no reason.”

However, when police questioned Daly and conducted an investigation, they realized that she fabricated the entire story. Reportedly, Daly made it appear as if the home was burglarized. She also used graffiti to vandalize her own home with the “BLM” symbol.

The incident sheds light on how hatred can cause the innocent to be falsely accused. If Daly’s story was actually believed by police officers, innocent Black people could have been arrested and charged with a crime. Several weeks ago, Leiha Artman, 25, of Detroit said that Black men threw her in the trunk of a car and drove her to an unfamiliar location. At some point, she said the men raped her while she was being held captive. But once she was interviewed by police, she said four Black men kidnapped her and even implicated men who may have been involved in the attack. But once authorities continued to interview Artman, they noticed inconsistencies in her story. She was eventually charged for filing a false report.

Daly will face charges of filing a false police report and misleading a police investigation.

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