Detroit female boss taking world by storm with Pynk Mogul

Photo credit: Courtney Mone’t Randolph’s Instagram – @iampynkmogul

Pynk Mogul is a remarkable umbrella company for products and events that are geared toward empowering women. Following a master brand architecture, Pynk Mogul is comprised of the Pynk Mogul travel group, the Pynk Mogul subscription box, image consulting, personal branding and Pynk Mogul philanthropy. It was created by a female dreamer Courtney Mone’t Randolph for the female dreamer. Under Randolph’s leadership, Pynk Mogul has mapped out a way to combine travel, initiative and humanitarianism.

The Pynk Mogul travel group is a network of ambitious businesswomen from both the U.S. and abroad who travel to learn about different cultures, promote the economic empowerment of women, and give back to every country they visit. Randolph envisioned, and then created, a platform where women from a country as strong as the U.S. could offer support to women from developing countries by building and leading social enterprises. The subscription box will be a monthly box, curated from brands that empower women by ethically sourcing textiles from female artisans in developing countries. The box will include ethical, sustainable fashion to support women’s economic empowerment for the woman-mogul by helping her look and feel good about herself. This fashion-forward mogul box will help women feel the confidence they need to go after their dreams.

“The philanthropic work is centered on how we can mix our initial passion for fashion and women empowerment together,” Randolph stated as she explained the connections she has made in developing countries in an effort to give back to women all over the world. A portion of the proceeds from Pynk Mogul products and events will go back to programs that advance the lifestyles of young mothers and women across the world.

“I have had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was a little girl,” Randolph reminisced as she touched on her spirit being hereditary. She became an entrepreneur after following in her grandfather’s footsteps, who owned a restaurant and her father who owned many businesses. After the birth of her daughter at age 19, Randolph’s hustle mentality went into overdrive, as she described it, and from that moment on she began her journey as a self-taught girl boss.

Originality is what sets Pynk Mogul apart. Randolph envisioned something and then created a lane all her own.

“If you can’t stay consistent, if you don’t have that gorilla grind mindset, you’ll fail from the beginning,” Randolph stressed while referring to herself as a “girl shark.”

Being patient in developing the concepts and marketing platforms for her business, she is not afraid to rework and rebrand to grow this into something that will exceed common businesses we see daily on social media. Pynk Mogul gives women the opportunity to use networking across the world to become the mogul that each of them always desired to be. Their first summit on Women’s Economic Empowerment is scheduled in London in May 2017. Visit the website at for more information and to become a member.

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