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News » How Black Americans will survive the Donald Trump presidential administration

How Black Americans will survive the Donald Trump presidential administration

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America. In an election that stunned the nation, a man who embraces bigotry and racism will lead the country for the next four years. The reality of a Trump presidency is frightening on every level.

Millions of Americans sided with the most unfit presidential candidate in history because he spoke their language. Hate and divisiveness lives in America, but that doesn’t mean that we die. Black Americans have always survived.

Our ancestors endured 400 years of slavery where we were considered three-fifths of a human. Post-slavery, the United States government created Black Codes which led to Blacks being arrested and jailed for small crimes such as vagrancy. At the same time, the rise of the KKK led to Black murders and lynchings that often remained unsolved. Jim Crow laws in the South made it illegal for Blacks to attend certain schools, eat at certain restaurants, and even sit next to a White person on a bus. Blacks faced intimidation and restrictive voting laws until the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Black people found life after Reaganomics, high poverty rates,  the crack-cocaine era, and mass incarceration.

The Trump Presidential administration will likely present another major challenge for Black America. But the best way to endure a crisis is to fight harder than before. Black people must fight harder to make education a priority for our kids; we must fight harder to ensure that we come together to give college students the finances to achieve; we must work harder to build and support Black businesses; we must come together to bring crime down in our communities by training and creating more jobs for those who lack skills.

Policies in healthcare and education will be affected by Trump, but Blacks have always had to solve the issues facing Black America. With Trump in office, this will continue. We’ve been here before. As a result, Blacks will survive the Trump administration and beyond.


  1. sugarntasty on November 9, 2016 at 10:53 pm

    Can we stop the propaganda let’s recollect Obama,administration did provide. Excellent to Blacks, don’t go there besides where effort of controlling governmental policies. Blacks politicians reason allot of disparity effecting general population example Detroit,St.Louis,Washington D.C and Baltimore. What your saying Trump going deter success individuals,what going do when. Majority Blacks no longer support traditions excuse Rolling Out,Democratic party Hillary oooh well whom going. Provide top corporate jobs to Blacks and $25 billion HBCU wow insult to Dr.Dre and Jay Z about. Parties manipulations assumption. Generalizing to Black voters you must be Democrat,what about Ben Carson and Herman Cain both Republicans I know. Sell out to whom? Resolution decide Trump 4yrs.your discouraging next effort politicians reverted darling liar Hillary did insult someone to damn bad! Ed Lee,Bill de Blasio,Rahm Emanuel,London Breed,Lisa Madigan,Eric Garcetti,Brian Frosh,Scott Wiener,Roberto Garcia (mayor of Long Beach),Kamala Harris now senator and David
    Paterson former governor NY. Whom Bill Clinton and Obama influence decision to resign due,
    perception lose to Republics Cumo elected. Discouraging causing agitation stop it majority take,effort learn governmental policies your Americans of diversity pay taxes! Ben Carson helping Trump yeah!

    • Sol Rothstein on November 9, 2016 at 11:17 pm

      What are you trying to say…COLLECT your thoughts and express them.

      BLACK FOLKS will thrive under Trump….We need JOBS…and he will bring them.

      TRUMP….TRUMP…Trump !!!

      • cynthia.schultz on November 14, 2016 at 11:28 am

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