Protests against Trump spread across the country

Crowds gather in New York (Photo Source: Twitter/Anonymous ‏@YourAnonCentral)
Crowds gather in New York (Photo Source: Twitter/Anonymous ‏@YourAnonCentral)

Across the country, people are taking to social media and the streets to protest against President-elect Donald Trump. Thousands took to the streets of New York with chants of “Not my president” and “F–k Donald Trump.” The crowd marched through downtown Manhattan to Trump Tower; police estimated that at least 8K were gathered at the building. Protesters burned an American flag and expressed outrage and grief over the election. The crowd held signs that read “Trump Makes America Hate” and “Impeach Trump.”

The scene has been repeated across the country and protests have been largely peaceful. However, there were reports of violence in Seattle, Washington and Oakland, California. In Oakland on Wednesday, police estimated that at least 6K people took to the streets in protest. The crowd smashed windows and set fires as the results of the election became known and word spread on the streets. The Oakland Police Department deployed riot police and tear gas in response to the political violence. There was a small number of arrests made with charges that included disobedience and suspicion of vandalism.

Protests in Seattle turned deadly overnight with reports of gunfire and injuries. Several hundred protesters were demonstrating when shots rang out. Five people were injured and transported to a local hospital. Two of the shooting victims received critical injuries. Police are stating that the shootings and the protest seemed to be unrelated.

In Chicago, thousands took to the streets blocking traffic in the downtown Loop. The crowd marched to Trump Tower and shouted, “Not my president.”

In Philadelphia, police report that thousands gathered outside of City Hall for a rally protesting against Trump. There were no arrests and people expressed extreme disappointment with the election results.

In San Francisco, hundreds marched along Market Avenue to join a vigil in the Castro District, a predominantly gay neighborhood.

Also in New York, police have erected barricades outside of Trump Tower. The NYPD has stated there are new security concerns that must be coordinated with the US Secret Service for President-Elect Trump. Trump is continuing is his business routine until he takes residency at the White House. His children will be running his business and they also have Secret Service details.

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