George Zimmerman thrown out of bar after racist remarks

George Zimmerman (Photo Credit: George Zimmerman/Official Twitter page-Now deactivated by Twitter)
George Zimmerman (Photo credit: Twitter – @TherealGeorgeZ, now deactivated by Twitter)

All-around jerk and child killer George Zimmerman is once again proving he should not be on the streets. Zimmerman was recently in Sanford, Florida, at the Corona Cigar Company and got into a verbal confrontation with a waitress and a customer at the bar. According to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy came to the bar around 11 p.m. in reference to a possible battery against one of the people in Zimmerman’s party of friends. While the deputy was investigating the complaint, he heard a verbal confrontation between Zimmerman and a waitress.

The waitress was trying to close out the bar tab on a credit card when Zimmerman snatched it from her hand and began to yell at her. The manager, identified as Chip Brown, stated that Zimmerman had been causing trouble all night at the bar and he wanted him escorted out.  Before he left the bar Zimmerman said to the manager, “I didn’t know you were a n—er lover.” When Zimmerman left the bar he called 911 and gave the name John Doe  and wanted to make a complaint about a physical assault. Despite having a deputy at the scene, a police sergeant was sent to follow up on the complaint. Zimmerman claimed he was physically assaulted by a Black man named Floyd Narcisse while at the bar.  According to Zimmerman, the man stated “Zimmerman, what are you doing here?” He stated he told the man to leave him alone and was hit on the shoulder two times. When police looked at surveillance footage from the bar and talked to witnesses, the event did not go down as Zimmerman stated. The police report states that Narcisse came up to Zimmerman with an extended hand, in a gesture of greeting and as if attempting to shake Zimmerman’s hand. Zimmerman ignored the man, who then tapped him twice on the arm. Zimmerman told Narcisse not to touch him, to which he replied, “I will do whatever I want.”

The officer at the scene concluded it was not an assault, which angered Zimmerman. A belligerent Zimmerman filled out a sworn voluntary statement form and wrote that the officer was “incompetent’ and underqualified to flip burgers.” Zimmerman then warned the officer that he would remember him and threatened to sue the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. Zimmerman has been in the news multiple times since he killed unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. This year, he sold the gun used to kill Martin for an estimated $250K.

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