Chicago couple’s lavish ‘Coming to America’-themed wedding

Photo Credit: Ernest Garcia
Coming to America-themed wedding (Photo credit: Ernest Garcia)
2016 has certainly been the year of amazing weddings. From the beautiful #DuncanForever surprise nuptials to Ray J and Princess’ televised jaw-dropping L.A. wedding, resulting in hope for Black love after all, we love the creativity couples are display in jumping the broom.
Rolling out spoke with Adebayo Osunsan (accountant) and Dominique Pruett (hairstylist), who had a Coming to America-themed wedding. They have three sons, Adebayo Jr.,9, Ahmad, 7, and Ayomide, 3. This lovely couple met at a lounge in the Wicker Park area of Chicago in 2005.
The proposal: “I actually proposed to her while taking a walk in the park after hours. I wanted that moment to be between just me and her,” said Adebayo.
The venue: The wedding venue was Dynasty Banquets located in Hammond, Indiana. It is a beautiful ballroom, which was perfect for the Coming to America theme and a guest list of 350.
Who decided on the theme: “Anyone who knows me knows that I love Coming to America to the heart, even to the death,” said Adebayo. “My wife is half Belizean and with me being Nigerian, it wasn’t going to be too hard to pull off the whole Coming to America theme. We incorporated just enough from the movie so it wouldn’t be overdone. We still want our wedding to be about us and our new union. “
The couple’s thoughts on their nuptials: He said, “We both loved every single moment of our nuptials from the outside courtyard wedding to the dancing with spraying of money during the reception. In having to pick one, our favorite part was our grand entrance and introduction as Mr. and Mrs. Osunsan. Our dancing in to the sounds of Wizkid’s ‘Ojuelegba’ with the combination of the African dancers and drummers was nothing more than a fantasy coming true.”
Couple’s advice to those considering marriage: Adebayo’s  advice to men about marriage is to “not rush into one, take your time with that potential future wife, maybe not as long as we did, which was 10 years, but it worked for us because we both knew what we wanted in the end, which was to be together and raise our boys right. Make sure you are both on the same mindset and goals, one direction is better than two.”
Dominique’s advice to women: “Don’t pressure him! Pressure from a woman is one-sided and may lead to regrets from the man. Do have the conversation with him, but just that because the one thing men do not like is to be told what to do. Our wants, not demands can be presented to him in a way that he will want to provide that want for you. I am not saying to wait forever, but you got to know who you are dealing with. I knew my husband and I also knew we were gonna be married; it was just about the right timing.”
Bonus video: The couple’s young sons pay respect to the late great Michael Jackson.
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Maintaining a happy marriage: She said,”To maintain a happy marriage, you have to have good communication, love, compatibility and respect. Communication is key; without that, it’s just two strangers living together. Love is essential in any marriage; it’s what brought you together in the first place so you gotta find a way to keep that fire burning, whether it’s date night or doing what you both love to do, but just together. Compatibility is when you both your personalities can flow together without friction. There will be fights and arguments between you but it’s how you come round it at the end of the day, or weeks for some. Your personalities have to sync together. Without respect for one another, your marriage will fall apart, that’s a guarantee. You gotta have respect in any type of relationship, but it’s a key variable in a marriage.”
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