Mama Wyatt’s lesson on using the N-word and her girl crush on mama Cash

Mama Wyatt - Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media
Mama Wyatt – Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media

Celebrity mama Wyatt (mom of Keke Wyatt) caught flack for her loose use of the “N” word. Exposed when during an interview Keke made a joke that went way wrong regarding her mom’s use N*** word. Mama Wyatt also talks about her experience as a cast member for season one of “Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta.” Lorna Wyatt stopped by the Rolling Out office to chop it up with us. We hope you enjoy her conversation as well as we did.

What were your first sentiments when you were asked to do the show?
When they first asked me to do this show I said no twice because I don’t do reality tv and I didn’t approve of it. They do too much and they are all in your business and they try and make you look like a psycho on TV. I just didn’t see how that wasn’t going to not be a train wreck. My daughter had already been on 3 or 4 seasons of R & B Divas. So I said to myself, I have a potty mouth my daddy’s a bishop, and it’s not acceptable. I’m just always saying things that you are not supposed to say.”

You obviously changed your mind because we see you are on the show. So after filming the first season, how do you feel?
Well, the show itself is phenomenal. It’s going to be a hit. You have fabulous mothers on there . We all have fabulous kids. All my kids are fabulous . Sometimes certain ones stand out and get all the attention but all my kids are fabulous to me. I definitely think our show will get a season two.

You are known to be very outspoken in the public eye. How do you perceive yourself?
I can be just as humble and kind. Really literally the most silent one in the room. Like if I don’t know what the gig is and what’s going on. When I am not comfortable in my surroundings you will not even know that I was there.I probably am as crazy as you thought but in a good way.

Tell me about the rumors and outrage going on in the media over you using the N word.
There was a bad word put out on me a few years ago because my daughter plays way too much and the N word came into play. I guess you can’t look like me and not knowing who what comes into play and apparently that word is forbidden. My daughter Keke did an interview with Essence Magazine and she said she didn’t know her name was NOT that N word until she was 5 years old. Well the lady who interviewed her was African and didn’t take too kindly to it and my life was hell. They blew my whole life up I mean I was almost scared to go outside. The thing they didn’t know is that I shoot back.That’s the problem so it would have been a problem. It’s taken me a lot of years to tell people to get to know me first. But then jokingly I said for anybody who has never said pecker wood, cracker or honky then I won’t never use then-word again. Then I just decided I will not use that word.

You still seem at odds with your right to use it though.
Oh, it’s definitely not ok to look like me and use it. I use it at home nobody flinches, and it’s part of our dialogue. It’s not cool on any level. I have come to learn and realize it’s way past offensive for me to use that word. I’ve literally had people come to my defense because I meant no harm behind what I say. My kids should have told me a long time ago that I was a train wreck. Like they said it but they should have been more serious and then I could have looked at myself and known to make changes.

Has the being on “Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta” and watching yourself on television made you look at yourself overall differently?
Yes! Absolutely. I’m Mama Wyatt for the whole world. Like I have 100 kids I’m not kidding and they go, “Who’s gonna come for you? Not them. If I am really offending that many people guess what it’s time to do. Stop saying not only the N word but I need to make changes and the problem is, it’s just time to change. The person I thought I was , that wasn’t even me. I’m mean sometimes and most of the time I am a B and I know that . My kids or someone should have warned me. Nobody  told me to sit down somewhere.I look at the show and I see stuff and I’m, like that’s not even me. The show is showing me who I am and I’m not liking it. We filmed the entire season and I didn’t use the N word one time. So I definitely started making changes already.

Who’s your favorite mama on the show?
Mama Cash. She is my girl crush are you kidding me. Mama Cash is my girl crush. You look at this diva. Her body is everything. She is a straight Diva. She’s all out and those tattoos are everywhere and believe me I have seen them all. She is not weird and crazy. She’s sweet, kind, extremely intelligent. Her body is to be reckoned with. She lives out loud. She is who she is.

What is the biggest misconception that people have about moms of celebrity kids?
People see you and they go nuts! It amazes me to see people getting all crazy and try and put you on this pedestal.  I mean YES I am the Fabulous Keke Wyatt mom but I’m Lorna Wyatt not Keke. And KeKe is not even a Diva like that.I don’t do make up for real. I keep it simple. Don’t they realized I pick my nose, I fart, I burp? Not to be nasty, but come on; I am just another person. I’m never dressed up and I do property renovations. I’m a normal regular person who’s about her business.


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