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Spelman grad inspires Black students after Donald Trump wins election

The moment Donald Trump secured a victory in the presidential election, parents and teachers across the nation wondered how they would explain Trump to their kids. Trump built a campaign on racism, bigotry, and bullying. He represents everything that we all tell our kids not to become.

But teacher Jasmyn Wright  has made it a point to encourage her students. Wright is a Spelman College grad and teacher at Mastery Charter Schools in Wilmington, Delaware. In a Facebook post, Wright wrote, “Teaching my 3rd grade black and brown babies to #PushThrough today. Due to unwelcoming, unsettling, and uncomfortable election results, this was our lesson for the day.”

In the video, Wright asked her students, “What if it’s too hard?” The students respond by saying, “I’m gonna push through!” Wright also asks, “What if you’re too Black?” The students respond by saying, “That ain’t true!”

The video has since gone viral and been viewed over 500,000 times. Wright understands that her students will face disadvantages regardless of who lives in the White House. But with the election of Trump, their will to remain inspired will be tested. The words that Wright has instilled in her students should remain with them forever.

Those words can also be used to inspire others who have felt the traumatic blow of Trump’s eventual move to the White House. While living in a country where it has been proved that racism and bigotry still lives, the notion to “Push Through” isn’t a choice, it’s become a priority.


  1. Sol Rothstein on November 13, 2016 at 7:19 pm


    Hillary Clinton would have done ZERO for BLACK AMERICA…Zero…

    She didn’t even TALK ABOUT a BLACK Agenda…or what she would do for BLACK AMERICA. Yet she talked to every other group.

    YOU CANNOT DANCE and COON — then expect me to vote for you.

    GIVE ME a list of what you will do, and PROMISE that you will fight for those items on that LIST. Then you get my vote.

    TRUMP did just this with BLACK VOTERS…“Give me 4 yrs and judge me after 4 yrs. I guarantee you, YOUR BLACK AMERICA will be better.”

  2. sugarntasty on November 14, 2016 at 11:23 pm

    HBCU your wasting time if you mind why sudden,lack of enrollment. Let’s discuss Blacks students
    indifference not attending due,sudden hesitation not going. Receive or believe best jobs in America,
    you could market HBCU aboard wasting time this worthless. Indians students are danger to Black progress there “Anglophile” believe Blacks are inferior really? Defeat H1-B and L1-B jobs for Americans doesn’t matter the heritage guess workers bought defeat labor Obama allowed this!