Do you want to bring in more sales this holiday season?

Photo courtesy of Apryl Beverly
Photo courtesy of Apryl Beverly

Have you started getting ready for the holiday season? For online entrepreneurs, it’s time to start crafting those sales pages, buy buttons, emails, and websites to entice your audience to start filling their online carts with your products. This week, we bring you tips from Apryl Beverly, who has crafted compelling copy that has generated $7,022,810 (and counting) in revenue for B2B solo entrepreneurs, small-business owners and some of the country’s top brands. Here are her top three tips to increase your sales this holiday season.

  1. Use creativity to cut through the clutter

When writing to attract clients to your products or services you have to remember you are not the only one flooding their inboxes. So the question becomes, how do they notice you first, open your message because they want to know more and keep reading because you’ve given them something worth reading.  

Here’s a hint. Imagine you’re advertising for a Black Friday sale. Wonderful … but guess what so are millions of other companies. So come up with a creative name for your sale that makes you stand out.

For example, don’t say Black Friday Sale – say Thankful Wednesday Sale. Or how about, the Hello December Sale.

The point here is to push your boundaries and use creativity to cut through all the “same” noise so you stand out in cluttered inboxes and social media newsfeeds.

  1. Use emotional email subject lines

We all know how insanely crowded email inboxes get this time of year. That’s why subject lines are so important – they’re the gatekeeper between you and your email subscriber. If your subject line is engaging and compelling, the customer will open the email and read your message. However, if the subject line is dull and looks just like everything else in their cluttered inbox, your subscriber will likely keep on scrolling.

The secret to standing out is to use emotional words that speak to the hearts of your subscribers. For example, it’s no secret retailers and service providers plan to flood your subscribers’ inboxes with “Black Friday Blowout” this and that. However, you can blast out a message the Wednesday before Black Friday with a subject line similar to this: “Open this BEFORE the turkey coma settles in …” Now, it doesn’t mention anything about a sale, but it clearly commands the subscriber to open before Thanksgiving.

Or in December, you can host a sale with a subject line that says something like, “Temperatures are falling and so are our prices … cash in now before the deep freeze hits.” This email subject line doesn’t mention any of the buzzwords other businesses will use for holiday sales, yet it has just enough curiosity built in to persuade the reader to open the email.

  1. Sling sentences worth reading now

Now, you can indeed roll up in an email inbox or stroll up on social media screaming “buy my stuff, buy my stuff,” but the reality of you persuading people to “smack” the buy button will be slim if you do. Why? Because buyers want to you to put in some “work” for their purchase. They want to know you can relate to their struggles. And they want to know they can trust you to deliver on the promise presented in your offer.

So if you want people to invest in your products and services, you need to write something worth reading and convince readers they need to buy now. Storytelling is the best way to do this. You don’t need to write a 100-page novel, but you do need to deliver a relatable story infused with urgency about how you understand your buyer’s struggles and what she can accomplish with your product or service.

Find more of Apryl’s Beverly’s tips on and increase your sales this holiday season.

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