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Denver Broncos star Von Miller being blackmailed over sex tape

Elizabeth Ruiz and Von Miller (Photo Source: Instagram/@ elizabethruizxo and Twitter/@Millerlite40)

Elizabeth Ruiz and Von Miller (Photo Source: Instagram/@ elizabethruizxo and Twitter/@Millerlite40)

In what seems to be an all too frequent occurrence these days, a sex tape is being used as a tool to extort money from a celebrity. The latest apparent victim is Denver Broncos star Von Miller, 27, whose sex romp with a video vixen was caught on tape.

The sex tape was allegedly recorded in June of this year while Miller, a Super Bowl MVP, was vacationing in Cancun, Mexico, with a group of friends. That’s where he hooked up with model Elizabeth Ruiz. The pair enjoyed the luxuries of the 11,550-square-foot beachfront home that Miller had rented along with jet skiing, dining and partying with his group of friends. The two decided to have sex in an indoor encounter and Ruiz recorded the session with Miller’s knowledge. He allegedly asked Ruiz to keep the recording private and not to let anyone know about it. Later, he asked Ruiz to just delete the recording to which she allegedly responded “Gotcha” to his request.

But according to court documents in September of this year, representatives of Miller were contacted about the tape and Ruiz’s intention to release the recording. She allegedly told Miller’s representatives that she wanted to be the next Kim Kardashian. Ruiz was asking Miller to buy the tape from her for $2.5 million. Her request was no idle threat and she attempted to sell the tape to media outlet TMZ and employed a sex tape broker to help find buyers. A judge has since put a temporary restraining order in place to preventing Ruiz from making copies, releasing or distributing the tape  Miller contend that if the tape is released, it will damage his appeal to ‘many different people from virtually all walks of life including families and children.’

His lawyer, Andrew Kim, added that the release of the tape featuring the “most intimate of physical acts between a man and woman” would damage his client’s commercial appeal. Miller has several substantial promotional opportunities with companies that include Beats by Dre, Old Spice and Best Buy. In 2016, Miller signed a six-year contract worth $114.5 million with the Denver Broncos, which made him the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history based on guaranteed money. The case is now in Los Angeles County Superior Court to block Ruiz from ever selling the tape and making it public.


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