Why every entrepreneur needs to add exercise to their boss moves

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Does the daily grind often leave you exhausted? Most entrepreneurs fill their days up with meetings, team planning, attending events and running a successful company. But oftentimes, they forget to add a very important boss move to their hectic routine — exercise.

If you study some of the most successful leaders in the world, they all hold exercise as a top priority.Not only does it help eliminate the risk for illness but can relieve stress. Oftentimes, adding exercise to a routine improves confidence, produces clarity, and a chance to unplug from the world.

Choosing not to make exercise an essential part of the grind can directly affect how an entrepreneur runs a business. Not only can you develop effects such as obesity and disease, you can’t give your best to your organization while feeling groggy. According to The State of Obesity, African Americans are 70 percent less likely to engage in physical activity than any other race. While we are placing a bigger importance on education in entrepreneurship, we are not engaging in ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Adding just 15 minutes of exercise to your day can boost your energy. If you are looking to get serious about taking control of your health, here are three simple exercises to jump-start your journey:

Brisk walking or running

Brisk walking and running are great for entrepreneurs who may not have time for a full gym routine. In fact, researchers have found that people who added walking to their routine significantly decreased sickness. This leaves room for a stronger immune system. For beginners, experts suggest to fit in at least 10-15 minutes per day. This can easily be incorporated during a lunch break or a quick walk around the neighborhood with your kids.

Jumping jacks

If looking to add a little challenge to your routine, incorporate jumping jacks. From a local Camp Gladiator gym to the fit professional athlete, jumping jacks are powerful moves that can affect the entire body. Not only are they a great cardio exercise but they are also used for stress relief. To maximize benefits, engage in 20 minutes of jumping jacks,alternating between the exercise and marching in place. This will burn fat at a faster pace while strengthening your muscles.

Take the stairs

Climbing stairs are perfect for adding an extra heart-pumping move to your daily activities. Climbing the stairs can actually burn more calories than regular walking. It is also a good way to change up your body’s routine as it gets used to walking or running. Other positive effects include the release of natural pain relievers, endorphins, which eliminate tension in muscles.

Whichever exercise you choose, know that is the best step to creating lasting change in your body, business and life.

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