Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton open up about ending their abstinence

Photo Credit: Instagram - @adriennebailon
Photo Credit: Instagram – @adriennebailon

Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton had one of the most-talked-about romances of this past year, as the once controversial couple rose above the scandal and wed this past week. Thankfully, as of late, fans have been celebrating the couple’s nuptials. However, Bailon and Houghton recently gave fans an interesting bit of info to talk about when they opened up about finally being able to break their high-profile abstinence after their wedding.

As previously reported, Bailon revealed to the public months ago that she and Houghton were keeping things PG in the bedroom until after their wedding.

“I cannot even say what the games were! Just kidding. They were kind of risqué. We are saving ourselves for marriage so [Jeannie Mai] let the games be a little more risqué leading up to things,” Bailon said while discussing her wedding months ago.

However, during a recent interview, Houghton and Bailon opened up about their wedding at the Hotel Plaza Athénéel in Paris, France and Houghton revealed that he was anxious to get rid of “The Real” cameramen, who were covering their wedding, so he and his new wife could finally end their abstinence.

“You don’t understand, we’ve waited for this moment. So I opened the door and I had to kick Shane [The Real’s camera man] out, because he was following us around with the camera. Like, ‘You gotta go. Thank you for following us this far, but your time is up. Feel free to go to bed,'” Houghton hilariously revealed.

Once the camera crew was gone, Houghton reveals that he walked into his honeymoon suite with his bride and was amazed at the scene because Bailon had adorned the walls with photos from a boudoir shoot she’d done for her husband.

“When I opened the door, I walked in and I saw these gigantic portraits all over the suite of this beautiful woman, um… not wearing much at all!” he said.

Bailon explains that her “The Real” cast mates helped her with the shoot and even worked with her to pick out the best photos.

“What I love best is you didn’t know anything about them, but they all did. They approved them, they picked which ones had my best angle,” Bailon said.

The couple, understandably, didn’t go into any details about what happened after they privately enjoyed the boudoir photo reveal, but we can all guess that they enjoyed a blissful night together.

What do you think of Bailon and Houghton abstaining until marriage? Let us know in the comments.

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