3 ways to grow customer loyalty before Black Friday

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The kickoff to the holiday shopping season is approaching in just a few days, and the more familiar a customer is with your brand, the more likely they will be willing to spend money with your brand. Read on for three tips to build customer loyalty.

1. Start teaching now.

Potential clients will always remember brands that leave them with knowledge. For example, if you sell headwraps, which are very popular this season, you can provide tutorials on how to wrap them into different styles. It will connect the client to your brand and make it a no-brainer if they choose to purchase a headwrap from the company that taught them to achieve the same results. Create free videos, checklists, or mini guides that reference your products.

2. Make them feel valued.

As a business owner, you know what products you want to move over the next few weeks, since the year is coming to a close soon, this might include overflow inventory and items that will be discontinued. Involve your audience in the process of choosing what will be offered. You can conduct surveys, polls, or let them vote for the items they want. It will build excitement in having a voice and will help your audience remember you when it’s time to open those wallets.

3. Don’t oversell.

Having a clear sales strategy is often overlooked and should be one of the first tactics in building customer loyalty. Stop running additional sales on top of your holiday sales. Too many options will confuse a buyer, in some cases will make them hold out for the lowest available price or even lead them to make no purchase at all. Use a calendar to decide when you will run and advertise your sales and space them out; don’t run fire sales a few days before Christmas.

Overall, if you work on building value for your clients and being remembered, sales are sure to follow.

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