Wale and T3 of Slum Village heat up stage in Detroit on Thanksgiving eve

Photo courtesy of Slum Village

Tonight is one of the hottest party nights of the year and this year, one of the events’ is sure to bring the entire city out. The Dallas Nicole Foundation is bringing forth a new series named Edutainment and their mission is to positively impact youth in communities that it serves by meeting youth where they are. It also promotes increasing educated citizens through activities such as mentorship, tutoring and health and fitness. Tonight, the DNF and the Massive Group are bringing Detroit their Edutainment series featuring Wale and T3 of Slum Village. We caught up with T3 to hear what we can expect from his performance and get the details on his group, Slum Village.

Thanksgiving eve has been traditionally one of the hottest party nights of the year. This year should be no different, especially for you as you’re co-headlining arguably the most anticipated event in Detroit tonight. You’re teaming up with Wale to perform for the Dallas Nicole Foundation’s Edutainment Series. Can you tell us what the series is all about?

It’s education and entertainment mixed together, and the foundation talks about literacy and awareness because it’s still a problem in the city of Detroit. So, with the event tonight you have the entertainment sector, me and Wale, and you can also learn something at the same time, plus you can eat good. So, I think tonight’s performance will be great.

Let’s talk about your legendary group, Slum Village. You’re the only remaining original member. Tell us what the latest is with you and your group.

Yes, I am the only remaining original member, and I was there from the beginning. Basically, we had a lot of cast changes, but we’ve always been able to stay on tour and the music has always been good. We’ve constantly been on tour for years, and we just got back from Chile. We got some other things coming up next year too. We also just re-released some of our old records, Volume Zero, which is like our first demo, with the original cast of Slum Village: me, Baatin and J-Dilla. That just came out like two weeks ago. And we also put everything on vinyl, because we like to make our music collector’s items, so we put everything on vinyl.

That’s great. Tell us a little more about that. Volume Zero is out now, it’s on iTunes, and it features the original trio. What can your fans expect from that?

Basically, it’s like our first demo, before we got on. So it’s like a pre-demo, with a lot of people [who] have never heard [it] before. So, our fans will be going crazy over it, because they love the collector’s items. It’s like ten songs, but it’s dope. It’s vintage Slum, so our fans will really be into it because it’s dope music, they’re freestyles on there, so it’s a really dope project.

Your talent is something that takes you all over the world, performing. Where can your fans expect you to perform next?

I think our next performance will probably be next year because we’ll probably take off for the holiday’s, but probably sometime around J-Dilla’s birthday. We always do events around J-Dilla’s birthday. So, people can look for us next year. I think we’re going to do J-Dilla’s Miami weekend, we always do that in February. It’s a big event. I think it’s the second or third year that we’ve done it. And it’s like a mini-vacation. And you’ll see some real hip hop.

That sounds like a pretty dope mini-vacation. Where can we find more information? Where can your fans find you on social media?

Social media, you can go on @Official Slum Village on IG. You can go to Official SlumVillage on Twitter as well. My personal is @T3Slum on IG and @T3SV on Twitter. Also, we have www.SlumVillage.com.

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