Legendary Chicago singer Johnny P dead at 44

Johnny P - Photo source: Twitter @johnnypmusic
Johnny P – Photo source: Twitter @johnnyPmusic

Chicago R&B singer Johnny P has died. He was 44. The legendary singer was featured on many of hip-hop’s most memorable songs. Twista’s “Po Pimp” and “Smile” by Tupac and Scarface are two of the most popular songs that Johnny was featured on.

Reports of Johnny P’s death surfaced online a few weeks ago, however, it was determined that he was hospitalized and the family asked for prayers.

Rolling out spoke with NewSense of the rap group Psychodrama about what Johnny P means to her and to Chicago music. “For me, he was the only artist in the past two generations who could capture the true soul of Chicago in his voice. It was like music rose up through his feet from the Chicago pavements, up through his belly, and out from his mouth in a way we’ll never ever be able to experience again. I’m really, really going to miss my dear friend,” she said.

At some point, Johnny P had fallen on hard times as witnessed by videos that were surfacing online. However, whenever he was asked to sing, the power and beauty of his voice always resonated. This speaks volumes to why he was internationally known and sought after by some of the music industry’s greatest artists.

“We all made rap songs, Johnny made them hits!” said Traxster, another Chicago legend.

In 2015, Johnny P released his latest project, Sing You My Story.

The city is mourning this great talent and his contributions will not be forgotten. Details of funeral arrangements have yet to be released. You can expect the city to show up in big numbers to pay respects to such a unique spirit and amazing voice.

Take a look at what the Twitterverse is saying.


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