Racist Donald Trump supporters threaten to commit genocide against Muslims

Donald Trump (Photo credit: a katz / Shutterstock.com)
Donald Trump (Photo credit: a katz / Shutterstock.com)

Donald Trump supporters across the country continue to react with racism and hate. Several Trump supporters have sent hate mail to Islamic worship centers and threatened genocide.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, an imam at the Evergreen Islamic Center in San Jose, California, was the first to receive a letter and alerted authorities on Thanksgiving Day. There were also letters sent to mosques in Long Beach and Pomona, California.

Each letter stated that Trump would do to Muslims what Adolf Hitler “did to Jews.” They claimed that Trump was the “new sheriff in town” who will “cleanse America and make it shine again” by getting rid of America’s Muslim population.

The letters also stated, “You Muslims are a vile and filthy people. Your mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs. You are evil. You worship the devil. But, your day of reckoning has arrived.”

The letters serve as another example of how Trump has divided the nation since winning the presidency. His racist and bigoted speeches during his campaign fueled a segment of White Americans who embrace racism. There have been noted racist threats against Muslims, Blacks, and other minorities by individuals who have claimed support for Trump. According to FBI data, hate crimes have increased by nearly 10 percent since Trump began to campaign for president.

Also this past weekend, a Trump supporter threatened passengers on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Allentown, Pennsylvania. A video recorded on a cellphone showed the man praising Trump and calling the female passengers on the plane, “Hillary B—s.” The man was not arrested when the flight landed. Delta has since issued an apology for the man’s actions.

Trump denounced racism following his victory, but he has yet to firmly push an agenda to stand against his supporters who commit hate crimes and make racist threats.

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