Ex-wife of Kandi Burruss’ baby’s daddy claims she was a side chick

Photo Credit: Kandi Burruss' Instagram (@kandiburruss)
Photo credit: Instagram – @kandiburruss

Kandi Burruss has laid out several details of her life with fans throughout her many years on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But this year Burruss revealed another layer to her personal life when she began opening up about her heartbreak over her ex-boyfriend, Russell “Block” Spencer, not being a part of their daughter, Riley’s, life. Not surprisingly, Burruss and Spencer disagree over the truth about his role in their daughter’s life, but now it looks like there are three sides to this troubled story because Spencer’s ex-wife has now come out and bashed Burruss, claiming she was his side chick when they were together.

According to reports, Key Montana, the ex-wife of Spencer, has spoken out in new interviews and claimed that Burruss isn’t being honest with Bravo and her fans because Burruss was Spencer’s side chick and should have known better when she had a baby by him.

“She says she didn’t understand why he wasn’t around but being that she wasn’t his girlfriend I don’t understand why he should have been around except to take care of the baby. It’s unfortunate that he’s not taking care of the baby but at the same token it was a whole relationship with marriage, children, everything else going on. So what’s expected? You a side chick. You had sex,” Montana said.

She explained that she was misquoted in a previous interview in which she claimed that Burruss was one of many other side chicks that Spencer was cheating on Montana with. Montana clarifies that she was speaking about Spencer’s relationship with his four kids, not four other women.

“What I had actually said was he was in a relationship with his wife and four kids at home. So for her not to understand why he’s not there for her is baffling to me,” Montana said.

Montana explains that she learned about Burruss’ affair with Spencer when she received a call from the singer, who let her know that she was pregnant with Spencer’s child. Despite causing a rift in their marriage, Spencer allegedly wanted Montana to stay with him and Montana agreed to keep the peace with Burruss and allow her to come up with a co-parenting plan with Spencer.

However, Montana says that she’s upset that Burruss has spoken negatively of her in the media.

“It’s a shock that she would even speak on my marriage, even speak on my relationship with him because if she wanted to put her daughter in the public light and be embarrassed and ashamed, that’s them and I have no problem with that. But she should’ve kept it between Block, her and Riley,” Montana said.

Montana even addressed Burruss recent claims that she didn’t know anything about Spencer’s marriage until she was months into her relationship with him and that critics should check their facts before they try to bash her.

“No, she should’ve checked her facts before she opened her legs,” Montana said, before claiming that Burruss knew about Montana before she knew about Burruss, “She called me. Everybody was telling her … how could she not know? I didn’t come into her life, she came into my life. I wasn’t looking for her. I don’t care about Xscape. I don’t care about none [sic] of that. Girl, you knew!”

Well, what do you think of Montana’s comments about Burruss? Let us know in the comments.

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