Ne-Yo clarifies comments about performing for Donald Trump’s inauguration

Photo Credit: Instagram - @neyo
Photo Credit: Instagram – @neyo

Ne-Yo found himself in hot water with his fans this weekend when he went on camera and claimed that he would perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration next year. Well, apparently fans and non-fans jumped down Ne-Yo’s throat a little too soon because he’s now backtracking and saying it was just a joke.

According to reports, Ne-Yo recently spoke to the paparazzi while in an airport and was asked how he would respond if Trump asked him to perform at his inauguration.

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” Ne-Yo responded.

The paparazzi then mentioned how other Black artists have been vocal about their opposition to Trump and how they would not perform for him. Ne-Yo was then asked why he would be okay with performing for Trump.

“I wouldn’t go because I support Donald Trump, I’d go because it’s a dope party,” Ne-Yo said with a laugh.

He then added, “I would go, get the check, have a good time and then still say ‘the hell with Donald Trump.'”

Well, fans and non-fans weren’t too happy about Ne-Yo’s comments and they skewered him online with a barrage of criticism for his supposed Trump support.

However, after enduring the backlash for a short time, Ne-Yo decided to chime in and explain that he was only joking about performing for Trump.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @neyo
Photo Credit: Instagram – @neyo

Seriously y’all? Seriously….. It’s like some folks be SEARCHIN’ for a reason to hate. Lighten up.
#DonaldTrump,” Ne-Yo captioned the photo.

Well, considering how much racism Trump and his supporters have spewed over the past year, we’re not surprised at the reaction fans had to Ne-Yo even joking about performing for Trump.

Do you think that the topic of supporting or performing for Trump is something that Black artists should joke about or should fans just lighten up on the matter? Let us know in the comments.

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