Robin Thicke remaining strong after father’s death

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Photo credit: Instagram – @robinthicke

It was a shock to fans across the globe last week when news site revealed the tragic news that famed TV actor Alan Thicke had died unexpectedly. Since then, fans, friends and family alike have been mourning the actor’s death while also worrying about his famous son, Robin Thicke. Although many assumed that the singer would be despondent by his father’s passing, news stories claim that he’s been remaining strong for his family.

As previously reported, Thick, 69, suffered a heart attack on Tuesday, Dec. 13, while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son, Carter. Thicke was rushed to Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center but was pronounced dead soon after his arrival.

Since his untimely death, most people have expected his family to be in a state of devastation and according to new reports, Thicke’s surviving wife, Tanya Callau, is “beside herself” with grief over the loss of her husband.

However, sources say that Robin has “really stepped up” to be the rock for his family and friends as they came to Los Angeles for Thicke’s memorial service.

“[Robin’s] realized that he has to be incredibly strong for his family right now,” the source continued. “He is focused on honoring his dad, and making this easy on his family.”

Sources also say that Robin was instrumental in planning his father’s funeral and that he even covered the cost for many and family and friends to travel to L.A.

“He’s planning a tribute to his dad and has been personally calling some of his dad’s Hollywood friends to get stories and quotes,” the source added. “He knows he has to be strong for his brothers, and is focused on making this as easy for Carter as possible.”

Robin’s mother, Gloria Loring, also spoke out about her ex-husband’s death this week and explained how loving and important Thicke was to her and their family.

“[Alan] loved his family so much,” Loring explained. “He was the centerpiece to our family and I can’t imagine going forward. We always had Thanksgiving and Christmas with the big, extended family, and I just can’t imagine how it’s going to be without him.”

“Alan loved his kids, loved his grandkids — he was known as ‘Pops,’ and I think my son could speak best to their relationship with him, but I know it was always one of a mentor, a counselor, a supporter,” she continued. “He was always there when they needed him. He was very devoted to his family and he was always so much fun to have in the room anywhere he was — his sense of humor went before him.”

Our condolences go out to Robin, Loring and the rest of their family.



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