Should Matt Jordan have tried to worm himself onto Kenya Moore’s deed?

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After having lengthy discussions with Matt Jordan and finding out all the time he invested into building his relationship with Kenya Moore, I had to ask him about getting on the deed to her house. Matt admitted that he had a lot to do with the completion of “Moore Manor,” and confessed that he and Moore spent a lot of time together every single day working towards the completion of her home. He had to deal with a lot of the workers that Kenya felt the need to cuss out and straighten out folks regarding her nasty demeanor. But he says he did everything out of love. “Do you think I should have tried to worm myself onto the deed of her house?” asked Matt.

“I have my own place of dwelling and that’s her house and her project. That was my baby, and it was whatever she wanted. I made a lot of mistakes myself that I can learn from in going into future relationships. I have been in love before but not in love like I was with Miss Kenya Moore. I was going for her. We were together every single day. We woke up together and cleaned up. She was my prize and I wanted that woman so I was going for mine,” said Matt.

Unfortunately, according to Matt, there were some things that Kenya said and did recently that in his book he just can’t go back from and move on. One was the deceit about the collage of Jay Z, Boris KoJoe, LL Cool J and others Kenya had co-starred in television scenes with. Kenya spoke on how Matt was upset and intimidated by those guys. “Since I am about 16 years younger than Kenya those guys are close to 50 because they are around the same age as she is. I was only around nine years old when they were in their prime and most of those guys are old enough to be my father. I’m never in competition with my woman so I didn’t appreciate her making it appear as though I really cared. That wasn’t cool,” he said.

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