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Marketing has seen a shift in how we reach the public. Online marketing, especially through social media, is the new way to reach a large amount of people in a short amount of time. These platforms provide companies with great results. We must not forget that there are still markets that are not unaffected by what’s being promoted and marketed through the internet. These tips below will go over various offline marketing options that an entrepreneur can take to grow their brand outside of the internet.

1. The distributing of business cards is still one of the most inexpensive ways of offline marketing that someone can participate in personal marketing. It costs nothing to give a person your business card. Business cards hold such a large potential. You can pin them to bulletin boards, slip them into relevant books or magazines and even pass them out to other business. Business cards are still the cheapest way of offline marketing that still holds huge potential.

2. Donating gifts or products as prizes are another way to gain the attention. This is a great way to get consumers talking about your product and giving honest feedback. Also, with giving products as prizes, you are increasing participation among your consumers. Anytime a consumer sees “giveaway,” they are automatically inclined to find out what is being given away, who is giving it away and how it is being given away.

3. Participating at speaking engagements is a great way to grab the attention of people seeking knowledge. This leaves a lasting impression with your peers who share a position in your industry and creates a visual representation of your business. These events are great to sell yourself, your company as well as your expertise in that particular field. If you feel that you don’t have enough industry authority to deliver speeches to your peers, attending these such events are great for networking.

4. Even though online media has grown tremendously over the years, print is still an effective way to market your business. Targeting your audience is key and this can be done by pitching a press release to a newspaper or magazine. A press release is a great way to bring valuable attention to your business. You should use this to cover an important milestone in your business or cover an event. It’s important to stay actively involved and to form as many relationships as possible.

5. Trade shows are a great way to introduce your product to the world. These will put you under the same roof as your competition. With trade shows, you will be able to study your competitor’s product, see their product and also view their marketing approach. Through these types of events, you are given a chance to sell your product and market your business. Lastly, trade shows will give you an opportunity to network with other professionals as well as search for opportunities to work together.

6. If you operate a product business, then revamping your packaging will help you strengthen your brand. Even being in the service business, revamping your presentation will allow you to secure more clients. You always have to be thinking “how do I compare to the competition.” Never think that looks don’t matter because the branding and store design speak volumes. Make sure that you get rid of anything that is outdated and replaces it with fresh content. The wrong branding materials can be sending the wrong message to potential customers. Just know that slightest change to your presentation could make a big difference.

7. Host a party, business gathering, or some type of celebratory event to share your success is another way to draw attention to your brand. Whether you have launched a new service or closed on a big partnership. Spreading the word on your found success is a great way to draw in new spectators. By taking the opportunity to acknowledge your team’s success in spreading the word, you are bound to catch the attention of those in your target audience.

8. Working in your community or sponsorship of a community event is a great way to grab another type of audience for your brand. If your finances allow for it, sponsor an event where your name will be displayed alongside the headliners. Partner up with a charity to host a fundraiser. Taking the lead and being a host will allow you to handle merchandise. By you giving out branded goods, pamphlets, and more – you are building the positive brand image that will respect.

Let’s not forget these offline marketing tips that have worked for years and continue to work today. Remain open to technology and new ideas but mix and match your marketing so you can impact your bottom line.

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