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Healing and living holistically with Dr. Crystal Jones

Healing and living holistically with Dr. Crystal Jones
Dr. Crystal Jones is the owner of Heal With Crystal- Intuitive Chiropractic Healing in Atlanta. Photo Credit: Kelley Raye

Chiropractic adjustment, manifestation sessions and international travel holistic doula services are on the short list of what Dr. Crystal Jones offers clients. More than eight years into her practice, Dr. Jones still stands true to her motto: “Together, we heal. As we heal, we continue to spread the healing as often as we breathe. When we heal together, we heal humanity. We heal the entire universe.”

Rolling out had the chance to talk to the doctor that’s on a mission to heal the world … holistically.

Please describe how you decided to work in the health field as a career choice.
Honestly, because sick care wasn’t working. I’ve always been interested in the physiology of the human body and its beautiful ability to heal itself.  Health care has been the journey for me since undergraduate school. I started off allopathically working as a nutritionist for the government and in the county jail. While working in those arenas, I wasn’t able to use my critical thinking skills and serve people from my heart the way that I wanted to so then I began to practice holistic health care after going to school in New York and have continued in the holistic journey since. I’ve moved into care for the whole of humanity by specializing in caring for the influencers of the world.

Describe your specialty and why you chose to focus on this area of health.
My specialty is curating the wellness experience for those who interact with me on their journey of healing. I travel around the world curating healing experiences for those who choose to invest in it.  I am able to curate these experiences that honor the integrity of the healing process wherever the person is and where they choose to move into. By integrating all of the licensure and certifications, both experience and formal and education, I am able to be present with people and be where their body desires for me to be through the art of human connection without depending on the logical sequence of book knowledge. I truly enjoy being fully present with the whole person – mind, body and spirit. I enjoy curating mindfulness experiences that bring them into breathwork all while adjusting and clearing blockages. It’s just a beautiful experience that I get to live daily.

How do thoughts and trauma play a role in one’s health?
Our energetic beings manifested in the physical space are the sum of the experiences – toxins, traumas and thoughts-, that have become our truths. Not all truths that we hold are conducive for our wellbeing. The physical body responds to those thoughts and traumas and toxins by becoming protective and without proper movement and evaluation through these truths, this protection turns into dis-ease. We bring our bodies into ease by owning our power, evolving our truths, healing on a foundational level and being clear – our nervous system responds to that.

What is perceived as innocent, but has an unhealthy impact on our lives?
Everything: media, dogma, toxic chemicals in clothing, hair and body products … the list goes on. When we live according to the paths and truths of others, there is no way that we can truly thrive. Everything that enters the body has the ability to impact us. We become the truths of that which we entertain.

What are three things people should give up to live a healthier life?
When I think of giving up things for a healthier life, that answer varies. I suggest that people give up what is no longer serving their highest level of good. Sometimes that means complaining, television, processed foods, relationships, negative self-talk, laziness, sugar, meat, or dairy … the list is infinite. It really depends on where the person is and what they are willing to give up to create space for what they truly desire.

How does stress affect one’s health? What are ways to reduce stress?
The best way to reduce stress is to remain present in the moment. Often people stress about things that are in the past or future and with that people get stuck or anxious. Meditation, mindfulness, and being still are ways that often bring me back to the present.

What are some of your Hobbies?
Cliff diving and traveling to new countries

Where is your favorite vacation spot(s)?
Jamaica, Costa Rica, Ghana, Toronto

What is the name of your favorite book and why?
That’s a tough question because there are so many. But even as cliché as it may seem, The Four Agreements because those are my rules of engagement. It’s truly hard to have a favorite because I hold them all as so important.

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