How your business can succeed with powerful video storytelling

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Everyone loves a good story. Stories are what connect us to our inner values and systems. Businesses are starting to discover that consumers want to connect to their product in a deeper way.

In looking at business trends for the new year, video storytelling was on every list. According to a recent Forbes study, more than 80 percent said that they are watching more online videos today than they were a year ago. Furthermore, over 65 percent have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video.

In 2017, there are many avenues to tell the story of your business but you must first evaluate where your ideal customers are consuming their video content from. If you are looking to explore video, here is a look at which social media platform will be right for you:


As the biggest social media platform on the internet, Facebook will continue to rise among users in 2017. With 62 percent of adults 65 and older on Facebook, this has become a great medium to attract both a younger and older audience. Facebook is also known for creating an engaging environment among users. Not only are members watching videos, but they are liking, commenting and sharing with people within their circle of influence. It is also a level playing field, as both men and women use Facebook at high rates. Video ideas could include in-depth interviews, live video of events or heartfelt and funny stories.


One-third of adults use Instagram and many of these users are young. In fact, about 6 out of 10 young adults (ranging from 18-29) use Instagram on a daily basis. This would be a great medium to utilize if you have a younger target audience. This is also the most popular social media among African Americans. Because Instagram only allows one-minute videos, behind-the-scenes content, product previews, sneak peeks and quick tutorials would work great in connecting your audience.


Less than Instagram but still very high, Twitter comes in third as the largest social media platform. It is also the most appealing to African Americans versus any other race. Twitter moves at a very fast rate, such as live news updates, and attracts more users with college degrees. Great video ideas could include entertainment, quick speeches and GIFs.


Periscope is great for connecting to your audience in a real and tangible way. Many influencers use the platform to teach a lesson, give an in-depth opinion or give a look into their world in real time. It also encourages viewers to be engaged by allowing them to send hearts or likes in approval of the message.It also allows you to save the live video that can be uploaded to your other platforms later.


Snapchat has truly interrupted the social media scene in a major way. Celebrities and top influencers have used Snapchat to engage audiences in their day-to-day life. This option would work for showcasing your company in a human way. Ideas could include showcasing a meeting, setting up an event or how a CEO cooks dinner. It is meant to be very personal and also appeals to a younger audience.


There is no denying that YouTube has completely changed the way the world experiences storytelling. This platform allows companies to be more creative in telling the message they are trying to sell. Very popular videos include unboxing new products, how-to tutorials, time lapses, parodies and fan reviews.

After finding the platforms that are right for your business, begin looking at how you will master your voice in storytelling. If you do the right research and planning, everyone will be keen to be sitting around your perfect story campfire. Good luck in 2017.

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