The Cut Life’s Tahira Joy Wright shares the keys to success in a digital world


If we’re going to keep it completely real with each other, Black hair has been “a thing” for quite some time now. Those who are in the know as it relates to trends, products and techniques in the hair game are revered within the Black community, often using that popularity to create the foundation for a more tangible brand.

A perfect example of this phenomenon can be found when examining the impressive growth and evolution of The Cut Life. As the premier destination for short hair enthusiasts within the digital space, The Cut Life enjoys an almost cult-like following to the tune of 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone.

Co-founder Tahira Joy Wright, stopped by rolling out to share three important tips that helped her business thrive. She’s now paying it forward by helping you achieve your own success within the digital space.


Tip 1:  Find Your Passion

Wright Says: “I strongly believe that you have to do what you love. It just makes life worth living when you’re doing something that you’re passionate about. In order to identify your passion, I think that you have to look at what you’re naturally gifted at. You can also spend time working with other people to discover this — whether that’s internships, shadowing people, or connecting with others on social media. The key to all of this is making sure that what you are doing is really in your heart to pursue, and not just something that you see other people doing.

Tip 2: Identify a Niche

Wright Says: “When I started the Cut Life with my co-founder Garmai Momolu, we didn’t really see anything in the beauty space that really related back to short hair. Since I personally live the short hair lifestyle, I really wanted to see content online that reflected what I love. But before I got ahead of myself, I did research to make sure that the market wasn’t already saturated. Once we discovered that there was this void, we got right to work, and have been able to build a successful platform that really celebrates the short hair lifestyle.

Tip 3: Build Relationships

Wright Says: “I can’t stress enough the importance of building solid relationships … especially as an entrepreneur. You’re going to need to have people who have your back, and who support you because they believe in what you’re doing. One of the ways that I was able to form relationships was as an intern. It was free work, but I treated it like it was a real job. To this day, I still encounter people that I worked with back then, and those relationships have now evolved into business opportunities for my brand based on how I conducted myself as an intern.

To learn more about Wright and The Cut Life, visit

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