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Misty Copeland, Steph Curry blast Under Armour CEO over Trump support


Photo source: Misty Copeland's Facebook

Photo source: Misty Copeland’s Facebook

The CEO of Under Armour is catching flack from the athletes who promote his brand. Kevin Plank recently shared his views on President Donald Trump during an interview with CNBC.

During the interview, Plank revealed his support of Trump by saying that he was “highly passionate” and a “real asset” to the country. Following Plank’s statement, athletes who support Under Armour began to blast Plank.

Steph Curry, who is Under Armour’s top NBA player, shared his views by saying,”[Trump] is a real asset if you remove the ‘et.”

Ballet great Misty Copeland responded with a more passionate post on Instagram by saying, “I strongly disagree with Kevin Plank’s recent comments in support of Trump…One topic I’ve never backed away from speaking openly about is the importance of diversity and inclusion.”

Following Copeland’s post, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also shared his thoughts on the matter. “[Plank’s] words were divisive and lacking in perspective. Inadevertanly creating a situation where the personal political opinions of Under Armour’s partners and its employees were overshadowed by the comments of its CEO.”

Trump’s campaign and presidency has caused a deep divide in the country and around the world. His views have inspired dozens of pro athletes to distance themselves. LeBron James revealed that he would no longer stay in the Trump Towers during road games and several players from the New England Patriots have refused to meet with Trump later this year.

At press time, Plank has not responded to the backlash he has received for his comments on Trump.

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