Nick Cannon nearly fired over ‘Black card’ joke

Photo Credit: Nick Cannon's Instagram (@nickcannon)
Photo credit: Instagram – @nickcannon

Nick Cannon has been a household name for years and helped to cement his status as a prime-time staple on TV with his gig as the host of “America’s Got Talent.” But according to news reports, Cannon put his lucrative job with the NBC talent show on the line recently when he made a “black card” joke that nearly got him fired.

According to reports, back in January, Cannon was filming a new stand-up comedy special when he made a joke that he was losing his “black card” with his Black fans because of his job on “America’s Got Talent.”

Sources say that NBC heard about Cannon’s joke after the mogul appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” to promote the upcoming comedy special. Well, apparently the execs were perplexed and upset at Cannon’s insinuation that they were pushing him to be less Black for the network.

The sources say that in Cannon’s “AGT” contract, he’s not allowed to make any comments about NBC without approval from the network. Unfortunately for Cannon, the execs worried that Cannon was disparaging the network in his comedy special and there were alleged talks of terminating his contract if he wasn’t happy at the network or if he really was bashing the network.

However, Cannon and his team must have swooped in and reassured NBC of his loyalty and appreciation for the job because sources say that NBC execs eventually decided that Cannon’s joke was simply that; a joke. The sources also say that NBC execs genuinely like Cannon and were not fond of the idea of severing ties with him.

According to reports, Cannon’s comedy special aired last night on Showtime and the cable network decided to leave the “black card” joke intact in the special.

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