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Mommy entrepreneur designs cute baby bling: EyeCandy Couture Customs

Brandee (photo: courtesy)

Brandee (photo: courtesy)

Since 2009, the iconic EyeCandy Couture Customs has brought an exclusive selection of bling fashions and designs from newborns babies to tween girls at great prices. Recognized as one of the trendiest boutiques in South Florida, the new doesn’t limit fabulous finds to just Florida — shop anytime, anywhere and yes worldwide shipping is available. EyeCandy Couture is also known as a whimsical site where Cuties in Candy find treasures of twinkling shoes, twirly tutus, bling accessories and other fabulous baby shower gifts and birthday items.

Here, founder and mommy entrepreneur, Brandi Seymour, talks custom designs for our adorable daughters.

How do you go about selecting materials for your custom designs?
I love using Swarovski crystals to complement my “Eyecandy” pieces, especially the shoes! The customs are one of a kind and each shoe is uniquely made just for the client and customized by request from the colors to the names and ages.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Stay focused on building your dream.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received and put into action?
The worst advice I’ve ever received and put into action was I needed to have a lot of money saved up to start a business.

My take: We are in 2017, not in 1970! Yes, we live in an era where you can start a business [with as little] as $100. In the beginning, everything I sold was a pre-order sale! Therefore, when I was being paid for my designs I would take the money to go purchase what I needed to get the order completed and shipped!

What’s your favorite piece?
My favorite piece from the Eyecandy Couture Customs collection is the ShoeCandy. They’re like candy to the eyes with the pretty colors, decor, and sparkles, of course.

Why do you consider it a treasure?
I consider Eyecandy Couture Customs a treasure because I started this business at my dining room table in my apartment as a hobby! As time progressed, I became more innovative and shared my creations on the social media platform and it grew to the point I had to resign from my job as an accountant [for] which I obtained a bachelor’s degree. That’s when I realized I had something and decided to take it to the next level! I feel good about growing this business, it’s my baby and has put me in a different position financially and mentally as a entrepreneur.