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Trending #HURTBAE video offers painful glimpse into aftermath of cheating

Kourtney and Leonard are a former couple that decided to share a candid conversation about their previous relationship and how it ended over YouTube. The result was a trending video that has social media buzzing with women who can relate to the pain in Kourtney’s eyes when she recalls Leonard cheating on her.

The video is impactful because we are able to watch Kourtney’s unfiltered reactions as Leonard answers her questions. Most women, including myself, can relate to Kourtney’s curiosity about her former boyfriend’s cheating ways. Leonard is painfully honest, which leads one to believe that he isn’t trying to hurt his ex, but instead, is committed to being totally honest with her perhaps for the first time ever

The video is a great snapshot into a young couple’s history and shows both sides of a relationship once infidelity has occurred. Women in Kourtney’s situation usually blame themselves, while men like Leonard have a hard time expressing themselves or even articulating their guilt and or remorse. Do you relate to Kourtney or Leonard?



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