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Bronner Bros. Beauty Show: Hair pro spills secret to making $1M


Photo credit: Robert Williams for Steed Media

Walking around the 70th annual Bronner Bros. International Hair Show in Atlanta, you meet some very interesting people who’ve built successful careers and are willing to share their trade secrets.

Hair guru and founder of Boss Your Business, Teneshia Forts, says she has the secrets to becoming successful in the hair industry. Forts filed bankruptcy, suffered through bad credit, had three failed marriages, and experienced the hardship of being a single mother, but she was able to find success by styling hair.

Forts has managed to make more than a million dollars, just from doing hair. The hair industry is a billion-dollar industry and the competition is fierce, and yet, Forts found a savvy way to get a slice of the pie and is now on a mission to help others get theirs.

“The key to success is all about having the mindset of a boss. Standing behind the chair, making money, marketing, and extending your brand,” Forts says. However, in order to get a more in-depth knowledge base and gain all the tools you will need, you must sign up for one of her classes.

“I’m selling the formula, budgeting, social media, marketing, everything. It’s like a tell all class on how I went from broke, bankruptcy, to making millions of dollars,” she says.

She currently owns three hair salons and barbershops and a trucking company. All of this has come to fruition thanks to Boss Your Business. When she is not working in the salon, Forts is running her classes, and selling both her T-shirts and her journal titled Boss Up: Pray, Plan, Execute.

For more information, visit;; Social media: Instagram – @teneshiamurrayforts

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  1. hidaya on February 23, 2017 at 11:20 am

    Love the success! Thanks for sharing!