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Self-love ambassador Derrick Jaxn says a woman is the key to a man’s success

author and relationship expert Derrick Jaxn (photo credit Derrick Jaxn IG)

author and relationship expert Derrick Jaxn (photo credit Derrick Jaxn IG)

You’ve seen Derrick Jaxn on social media. His straight-no-chaser love and relationship advice has made him an internet superstar and earned him the title of “self-love ambassador.”

I couldn’t wait to get Jaxn on as a guest on our relationship reality check series to learn exactly what the inspiration was behind his latest literary project I Still Want It.

The sensual collection of poems empowers the woman that has kissed way too many frogs and is starting to doubt her own ability to find love. “I still want it” suggests everyone deserves love, regardless of how many mistakes they’ve made, how many times their heart has been broken or they’ve been taken advantage of.  Derrick’s powerful words echo Aretha Franklin’s 1998 single “A Rose is Still a Rose” by allowing a woman to stand alone, free from the baggage of her past failures in love, and able to be accepted and appreciated for nothing other than the fact that her heart still yearns to be loved.

Jaxn wants women to realize their power when it comes to balancing the opposite sex. “Women provide balance for a man. When you see a successful man, nine times out of nine, almost ten times out of ten, there is a woman behind him,” Jaxn shares.

Check out the interview with Jaxn, after the jump.

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