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‘Sugar Babies’ looking for wealthy ‘Sugar Daddies’ becoming college trend


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A recent study on the campus of Temple University suggests there has been a noticeable rise in college females seeking “Sugar Daddies” to help pay college tuition and fees. There are several websites dedicated to helping young women, referred to as “Sugar Babies,” find older, affluent men that are willing to pay for their company and/or presence. This, of course, is nothing new, but what could be new is our culture’s recent oblivious and even accepting attitude toward the age-old practice.

With websites like and, young women are able to fill out a profile hoping to connect with an older man that is open to paying for her company. It is suggested that whatever that “company” entails is at the discretion of both adults involved, so every “Sugar Baby” may not be intimately involved with her respective “Sugar Daddy,” but there is always the possibility depending on the size of the check.

The study suggests “Sugar Babies” can “find a mentor”, “be pampered” and/or “date experienced men” on the site. Seeking Arrangement CEO/founder Brandon Wade suggests the site is another form of financial aid, allowing students to leave college with less debt. notes students earning an average of $2440.00 a month toward college tuition.

College students aren’t the only ones taking advantage of Sugar Daddie relationships. Atlanta is a hotbed for young women connecting with older affluent men that agree to pay for lifestyle extravagance in exchange for enjoying the company of a young beautiful girl.  Websites like the ones mentioned help clarify the opportunity so that neither side leaves the situation feeling duped or scammed. Much like the now defunct that connected married men/women looking for extra-marital affairs with willing participants, the websites offer transparency that is often missing in these types of relationships.

One thing is for certain, our culture is moving in a direction that allows relationships that used to be kept behind closed doors to enjoy public acceptance. As long as both parties are an appropriate age and have disclosed the necessary information prior to entering the arrangement, there should be no harm, no foul.

Ironically, just a decade ago, women were criticized for being “gold-diggers.” Kanye West referred to the phenomenon in a song, which might have been a turning point in the attitude toward young women who are not ashamed to use their youth and beauty for financial gain.

“Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke n*ggas,” noted the chorus.

What do you think about the Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy culture? Do you think websites like should be legal? We’d love to hear your feedback.