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Hollywood is always veiwed as places where dreams can meet reality. However, the dreams of working in TV and film can come with a price. At times, the male-dominated indisutry has done a poor job of protecting women and youth.

Fillmaker Angela Hutchinson sheds light on the issue of sexual harassment in Hollywood with her new documentary H.U.S.H. During a recent screening of the film in Atlanta, Hutchinson revealed why the project was so important.

What inspired you to make this film?

I was inspired to do this movie because I wanted women’s voices in Hollywood to be heard. This movie is about the sexual harassment many women face in order to get jobs in Hollywood. Women are asked to do the most outrageous things like posing nude and even sleeping with casting directors in order to get to the top.

How can women fight back against harassment in Hollywood? 

Women can fight back by saying no and keeping their standards.

What should young women know?

Women should know that their talent will get you to the top. You don’t have to sleep with casting directors or do anything that makes you uncomfortable in order to get a role. If the role is for you then it will be yours regardless.

How can more men help to correct the problem? 

I don’t really feel like it’s anything men can do to correct the problem. I would say if they could do anything it would be to not to prey on the women and don’t make them feel uncomfortable

A.R. Shaw

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