Medical marijuana GPS: LoudCloud startup delivers with high tech

Rob Gillett, co-founder of LoudCloud (Photo Credit: Sistarazzi for Steed Media Service)
Rob Gillett, co-founder of LoudCloud (Photo credit: Sistarazzi for Steed Media Service)

The Los Angeles-based technology company LoudCloud launched its app this past January. It’s the answer to simplicity when it comes to owning or managing a cannabis collective.

After completing paperwork once and uploading information to LoudCloud, medical marijuana patients can purchase products from their retailer of choice and “avoid the 15-minute process associated with purchasing cannabis,” reveals the startup’s co-founder Robert “Rob” Gillett, who came up with the idea a year ago.

A graduate of Brown University, the Los Angeles native studied engineering and economics. He is also pre-med and an All-Ivy League former linebacker who turned to cannabis for alternative pain management after he tore his ACL. Cannabidiol, often referenced as CBD, was the answer and it sparked his interest in cannabis.

The LoudCloud app provides an easy-to-use and secure verification process for both dispensaries and patients. The LoudCloud system works by turning a patient’s driver’s license into an “E-Z Pass” for patient verification. Once entered into the system, LoudCloud-verified patients can visit any collective in the LoudCloud network to avoid the first-time patient registration hassle.

“We are helping the consumers to gain access to products faster and we’re an HIPAA-compliant storage system. If patients lose their records, they will have this app which is connected to their state ID,” he says. HIPAA is short for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

LoudCloud is quickly expanding from its Southern California roots. “We just finished the Cannabis accelerated program where we are going to begin going up the coast of Cali and hitting some of the other states, Washington and Oregon. We are doing all the verifications at the next five Cannabis Cups — NorCal, SoCal, Michigan, Rhode Island. We will pretty much be all across the U.S. by the end of the year,” he adds.

LoudCloud is the first in the medical cannabis industry to consolidate verified patient records into an HIPAA-compliant database for faster, easier collective access and management. It is completely free for patients.

“We will do an official launch in April 2017,” he closes.

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