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Whoopi Goldberg issues warning to fake news site: ‘I’m coming for you’

Photo credit: Whoopi Goldberg/ABC Screenshot

Photo credit: Whoopi Goldberg/ABC Screenshot

Whoopi Goldberg takes aim at a news site for running a fake story, which “endangered” her life.

During Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Goldberg claimed she was targeted by a writer, who intentionally falsified a report stating she made derogatory remarks about the widow of fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, 36, who was recently killed during a raid in Yemen — which also nearly killed 30 others.

In late February, the widow received a standing ovation during Donald Trump‘s address to a joint session of Congress. According to the article, Goldberg, 61, stated the woman only made the appearance for “attention.”

Discussing the event on the daytime talk show, Goldberg, said, “Before we left, something came out on a website — a fake news website — about me. And it endangered my family’s life and it endangered my life. It turns out the entire website was created by a guy who just wanted to see how quickly stories he made up would spread.”

“If you say, ‘Whoopi did this,’ people just assume it’s true because nobody has to prove anything. I have had for the last 20 years great relationships with vets and their wives and the veteran’s administration, so when someone writes a bit of a horrible lie, as this man did — he accused me of saying that the woman that was celebrated by the current president, whose husband died, was doing it for the attention,” Goldberg added.

She continued, “Now, normally people would have to actually have to look up to see what someone said. And when you look on our website, you can see everything that we say — our shows are posted. But unfortunately, people don’t do that.”

While the post was later taken down by the outlet’s administrator, only “because his site was getting a lot of crap,” addressing the man, who’s reportedly in Costa Rica, Goldberg revealed she’s making it a priority to have new rules and regulations put in place to ensure something like this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Check out the full comments in the video, after the break.

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