Gallery Guichard’s featured artist turns scrap metal into one-of-a-kind works

Photo credit: Tony Binns for Steed Media Service

The word “diversity” is being tossed around a lot. South Side gallery owner Andre Guichard and his supportive partner and wife, Francis, know a great deal about the subject. Gallery Guichard kicks off spring with their newest exhibit, The Beauty of Diversity. A total of 22 artists lend their vision of the idea birthed in the title.

One of the featured artists, Lucy Silvinski’s work is prominently featured. Silvinski has work in many private and public collections and was featured in a one-woman show at Flatfile Galleries in Chicago.

Tell me about your artistic training. When did you start your craft?    
I started making art when I was a child. My parents were extremely supportive and encouraged me to go on in art. I have a BFA in Fiber from Northern Illinois University and an MFA in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

What inspires your artwork?
My work investigates the phenomenon of nature and the adventure of creation. Within the regenerative rituals, of art making, I am forever amazed and humbled by the infinite variables within expression and how the universe connects all things. As a woman, blessed with the gift of fertility, I am most honored to be an extension of the power that regenerates life.

Tell me about this specific piece and what it means to you. What do you want the viewer to get?
The Tree of Life is an improvisation and an expression of the root of all life and matter. A true Celebration of Life. It is made in the moment and influenced by the performance of the Chicago Sinfonietta as well as the architectural environment and the recycled materials it is built from.

How important is diversity in art?
Diversity is important in all aspects of life. Art represents life. I do believe the art world could embrace more wholeheartedly artists of all cultures, genders and colors.

How would you describe your style and approach to art?
I am an artist of many mediums. I believe in utilizing whatever methods and materials are necessary in expressing me through my art.  My journey explores the exquisite and inter-organic reflections of nature. Through recycling, we have blessed opportunities to reshape things that are perceived as decay into replenished mysteries of beauty. I am in collusion with the forces that exist in all objects. My rituals embed spirit through materials that transform into art. This cycle of regeneration is constant. My art is an adventure of hope.

Tell me about showing your work at Gallery Guichard.
I am much honored to exhibit my work with Gallery Guichard. Andre and Francis Guichard are always reaching out to audiences outside the usual gallery goers. They bring the art to the public in so many creative ways. I appreciate their recognition of art made from the heart and soul.

Beauty of Diversity runs March 10 – April 13, 2017, at Gallery Guichard. For more information:, Gallery Guichard, 436 E. 47th St., Chicago.

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